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The 13 Struggles of Swimsuit Shopping


Now that it’s finally swimsuit season, finding the perfect suit is at the top of our to-do list. Unfortunately, shopping for bathing suits just may be the most terrible thing that has ever happened to us, ever. You may think we’re being dramatic, but we swear we’re not. The struggles of shopping for a swimsuit are real… too real.

1. Finding a suit that looks awesome on the rack… and super awkward on your body type.

2. All that’s left are XXS suits… is anyone actually that size?

3. Thinking the bikini you love is $30, and then realizing that that’s only the cost of the top.

4. Any time you order a suit online, it will be a) backordered or b) a completely different color than what it looked like on the Internet.

5. You will inevitably find a super-cute monokini. You will also somehow get so tangled in it in the dressing room that you will have to call the girl working at the store to come help you out.

6. Wondering, “Why is everything neon?”

7. Trying to edge, but not cross, the line between sexy and Playboy.

8. Realizing with annoyance that your boobs will NEVER fit into a triangle bikini.

9. Don’t even get us started on unflattering dressing-room lighting.

10. Trying to come to terms with the fact that you really, really need to hit the gym.

11. Being generally confused about how a crocheted bikini really covers anything that should definitely be covered up.

12. Finally you find an acceptable option. You’re super stoked until you notice a sizable rip in the bikini seam. Great. Awesome quality, swimsuit makers of the world.

13. Exhaustion — after hours of trying on bathing suits, the final struggle is realizing just how tiring shopping is.

You’ll find a keeper, trust us! Just keep trying ‘em on.

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