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9 Kids We Don't Want to Babysit This Summer


Babysitting during the summer can be an awesome gig - you get to channel your inner third-grader, go to the pool and eat macaroni and cheese guilt-free. But sometimes the kids you babysit aren't everything you hoped they would be. Here are a few types of kids who may be a little, um, challenging to babysit.

1. The Driving Student

Her mom hired you so that she could practice her driving with you when you go to the pool or the supermarket. In other words, you're the one who has to tell her that yes, dear God, that's a one-way street.

2. The Fibber

Did his mom really say that he could watch four movies today? You just can't get the truth out of this little, um, bundle of surprises.

3. The Messy One

This is the kid you'll follow around all day with hand sanitizer, Febreze and a mop. Well, on the bright side, she doesn't get embarrassed easily. 

4. The One With the Friends Who Are "Bad Influences"

When these friends are over for a playdate, you know they'll get in some kind of trouble. Hide the matches - now.

5. The One You Have to Bribe

You can't even get her out of bed without offering to make her chocolate-chip pancakes. The problem is that you're running out of things with which to bribe her. There go your earrings.

6. The Accident-Prone One

You can't let him near a playground, animal or kitchen without fearing for his life. If you have to tell him to get his fingers away from the electrical socket one more time, you might just lose it.

7. The Attention-Seeker

No matter how many times you tell him that his younger sister has to eat, he won't stop doing whatever he can to get your attention, no matter how much it upsets her.

8. The Nay-Sayer

She just can't do anything you ask her to, from eating the lunch you diligently prepared to getting in the car to go to her friend's house. "Don't make me call your mom!" is losing its power. Fast.

9. The One Who Needs a Translator

What is she saying? What does she even mean? Sometimes you just have to smile, nod along and put those chicken nuggets in the microwave.

Babysitting can be the perfect summer job for people who love kids, but sometimes we're all thankful that these aren't the kids with whom we have to spend every day. Maybe we'll grow to love them... in a few years.

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