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7 Pieces of Clothing That Accurately Reflect How We Feel About Graduation


Graduation is the culmination of the college experience. Whether the day hasn't come yet and you're feeling excited or you've already graduated and know it was a complete snoozefest (aside from that moment your name was called), it's safe to say that the rite of passage sure can cause a flurry of emotions. Here are some clothing items that accurately depict how we feel about it.

1. I Need Coffee (Revolve Clothing, $110)

Who ever thought it was a good idea to have these ceremonies so early in the morning?

2. Over It (ASOS, $25)

Sure, completing your bachelor's degree is exciting, but sitting in a chair for hours on end in an uncomfortable sack? No, that's why you're so over it.

3. I'd Rather Be In Ibiza (Forever 21, $14.90)

All you can think about is your post-college trip, even if it's imaginary!

4. I Need A Drink (Revolve Clothing, $128)

All respect to your school's provost, but everything he or she just said for the past 25 minutes was more boring than a class lecture. 

5. Endless Possibilities (Old Navy, $14)

Graduation means the beginning of the rest of your life... scary, but exciting!

6. Stay Awesome (Nordstrom, $24.95)

Clearly one for the yearbook.

7. Let's Go Bananananas (ASOS, $16)

The signal to go bananas? The moment everyone throws their caps into the air.

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