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The Best (& Worst) Places to Find Your Summer Fling


When thinking about summer romance, the first thing that comes to mind is a scene straight out of the movie Grease, where Danny and Sandy meet and spontaneously fall in love at the beach. While the beach might be your go-to summer hangout spot, it might not be the best place to find a fling. But have you ever paid attention to the cute guy at your job or internship? Take a look at the best places to find your summer fling… and the spots that might leave you wondering if Prince Charming even exists.

The Best Places

1. Where You Work

You might dread waking up early every day in the summer to go to a job or internship, but whether your job is awesome or kind of a bore, you should pay attention to the people working there.

“Relationships that spark at a shared 'special place' have a better chance of being what you want,” says Carole Lieberman, M.D., psychiatrist and author of Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets. “For example, if you're both counselors at the same camp, you can support each other and share secret trysts after the campers go to bed.”

Just be careful—some companies have strict rules against dating another coworker!

2. A Bookstore

Take a break from the frat guys who invade your college town and scope out an area where intellectuals reside. While you probably won’t be spending most of your summer in a bookstore, if you’re looking for something relaxing to do, it’s a great place to stimulate your mind and spark a potential love interest.

Nicole Moshe, a sophomore at the University of Central Florida, says she pays attention to guys when she’s at bookstores. “If you see a person browsing in the same section you like or if somebody picked up a book you love, you can start up a conversation easily and you already have something in common,” she says. “Also, it's nice to know that there are still people out there that read hard copies of books.”

Strike up a conversation with the guy reading the back of a Divergent novel, or maybe suggest your favorite book to him – you never know where it might take you!

3. A Coffee Shop

Who doesn’t love an iced coffee during the heat of summer? While stopping by your morning coffee spot, put your cell phone down and take a look at the people around you.

“A coffee shop is a really relaxed environment, and people usually read there, so if they're reading something you like, it can spark conversation,” Nicole says.

A coffee shop is also a place where you can have a casual conversation to get to know someone new without the pressure of it being an actual date, or even having to know him before!

4. A Music Festival

There are few better ways to bond with someone than over a mutual love of music. “Great locations to find a summer fling are places you go to do something you feel passionate about,” Lieberman says.

Since you already know you’ll have something in common with a person—your taste in music—this sort of event is a stress-free atmosphere where you can start talking to the cute guy you see rocking out to your favorite band. Venture away from your standard group (but don’t get lost!) and approach someone new. Whether you end up sitting on a blanket together and enjoying the music or you listen to the beats while sitting on his shoulders, you’re bound to make a new friend—or maybe meet a new love interest!

The Worst Places

1. The Beach

While the beach might seem like a good location to find summer romance due to its laid-back atmosphere, Lieberman says that might not be the best idea.

“If you meet a guy in a very general place – like the beach – you won't know anything about him,” she says. “A summer fling is much more satisfying if you can share the same passion or hobby with your guy. So, if you're doing something you love, like going sailing, and he is, too, then you can enjoy it together for the rest of the summer. And the more specific, the better.”

2. On Vacation

Although meeting new peopleis always fun on vacation, anything that might get too serious could be a problem if you don’t live near each other.

“Vacations are super-tempting times for summer flings because you're away from responsibilities and in a beautiful, exciting setting,” Lieberman says. “Just know that if the guy you meet lives far away, it might not be realistic to expect the fling to continue once you return home.”

While some couples can make long distance work, for the most part it will be difficult to keep the fling alive after you both go home, which will probably leave you disappointed. You don’t want your fun vacation memories to be tarnished by an unsuccessful fling!

3. At a Bar

While there might be plenty of guys to choose from there, bars aren’t the prime spot to meet a fling.

“Don't look for romance in bars or at wild beach parties where guys are just looking for sex and the girl of the hour,” Lieberman says. “The next day, he'll be off with someone new; whatever girl is easy and close at hand.”

Unless your nice-guy radar is second to none, you probably won’t be able to detect a guy’s true intentions at a bar. Your best bet is to stick to a girls’ night out when going to a bar and wait until morning to find that special guy.

Summer is a great time to be carefree and spontaneous. Go somewhere you wouldn’t normally hang around, and you just might find a new romance!

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