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15 Reasons Why 'Pretty Little Liars' No Longer Makes Sense


When Pretty Little Liars premiered, we were instantly hooked. A murder mystery, a group of relatable and captivating females, a roster of attractive romantic interests and a whole lot of secrets - what's not to like? But since then, the show has become a tangle of intricately confusing plot points. Now that season five has ended, we’re more perplexed than ever, and the more we try to figure it out, the more our head hurts. Here are 15 unavoidable reasons why the show no longer makes sense.

1. The parents have no clue what is going on in their daughters’ lives.

Talk about absentee parenting! Not only are the girls’ parents completely ignorant about the A stalking, they also disappear quite frequently. Seriously, where are you all going?

2. No one thinks it’s odd that a creepy lurker in a black hoodie is, like, everywhere.

Hello, are the black leather gloves not a giveaway either?

3. Just about everyone has been accused of being A… except the actual culprit.

Maybe they didn't suspect Charles because no one knew he existed!

4. On that note, we have no idea whom to trust.

Harmless eye twitch = instantly added to our list of suspects.

5. We need a total breakdown of everyone who has ever been a member of the A team, like now.

Is there a hierarchy of members? And who was A when? A timeline and bio of all past and present members would be super helpful.

6. Show us the money.

What is the budget for this type of operation, and where is A’s cash supply coming from? We don’t get it… You built an entire dollhouse-style lair and totally replicated the girls’ rooms and have all this techy equipment, but you’ll only wear a black hoodie?

7. The timeline is getting really wonky. 

The girls were supposed to be 16 when the show started. Five years later and they’re still not out of high school. Maybe it’s because they never show up to class. Or are they on some kind of leave of absence for that whole arrest/kidnapping fiasco?

8. SO many opportunities not taken to expose A.

They’ve been this close to A on a multitude of occasions. Why not just rip off the mask/hood and see who’s underneath?

9. There are a ton of storylines with loose ends.

We take issue with the unanswered questions about the following: Bethany Young, Toby’s supposed corpse in the woods, Vivian Darkbloom, Mona’s seemingly dead body in the trunk of a car, Mrs. DiLaurentis’s killer, WHO IS CHARLES?!

10. The girls lack common sense.

Try taking the advice our mothers gave us at your age: There’s power in numbers. Stay out of the woods. Honesty is the best policy. If you’re ever being maliciously harassed by an unknown criminal mastermind, don’t let it drag on for five years.

11. The theories of overly obsessed fans are more entertaining than the actual show.

We dare you to go look up the proof that Aria is really A. It’s almost too good to be true.

12. Every time we’re promised answers, we’re just left with more questions.

Warning: If they say there’s going to be any type of reveal, don’t believe them.

13. Every episode is an exploration into whether or not the writers have planned into the future. AT. ALL.

It turns out the biggest pretty little liar of them all is the show’s creator, Marlene King.

14. There are still two whole seasons left.

Just end our misery already, won’t you?

15. But we can’t help but watch.

We have to believe that one day we’ll figure it all out!

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