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14 Reasons You Wish You Lived in Europe


Family vacations and school trips abroad are fun, don't get us wrong. But living in Europe? That's the absolute dream. The bustling cities, breathtaking countrysides, ridiculously attractive foreign accents and mouthwatering meals are enough to make any collegiette want to pack her bags and jet off to some glamorous destination. Need more convincing? Keep scrolling.

You wish you had views like this one of busy downtown London.

And the glittering Eiffel Tower in Paris. 

Who doesn't want to twirl and sing their way through the green pastures of rural Austria? 

Not to mention floating down the romantic canals in Amsterdam. 

Is finding a guy like Gerard Butler in gorgeous, green Ireland more your speed? (That accent! Swoon.) 

Or perhaps you'll find love Lizzie McGuire-style in Rome? 

And if you don't find love, you'll at least find the most incredible pizza. 

Or paella in Spain, or crepes and baguettes in France or bratwurst and pretzels in Germany... You'll find a good dinner, that's for sure.

And a great dessert. *drooling*

Annnnnnnd a great wine. (Or five.)

In case you forgot, Europeans drink wine with basically every meal. 

And if they're not drinking wine, chances are they're drinking beer. 

How could we forget to mention one of the greatest perks of a life in Europe: shopping?!

Time to exchange your dollars for euros and get yourself on the next available transatlantic flight!  

Because aside from a shirtless and reunited One Direction, living in Europe truly is a collegiette's dream come true.

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