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The 11 Best Things About Having a Work BFF


Adjusting to the working world is tough. Jobs are stressful, bosses can be difficult, and cubicles can get pretty lonely. But there is one thing, or rather one person, proven to ease the pain of the workweek grind. That person is your work BFF, and she is basically responsible for getting you through each day.

1. She helps you keep up-to-date on all the office drama

Daily gossip sessions at the coffee cart are your most important meetings (your Outlook calendar will prove it). Who’s been promoted, who’s been let go, and who got in trouble for texting are always among the talking points (i.e. everything you’re not supposed to discuss at work, #oops).

2. You have someone to cover for you when you call in “sick”

Whether you’re actually bedridden with the stomach flu, or taking a much-needed mental health day to bond with your couch and Netflix account, your work bestie is there to catch you up as soon as you’re back in the office. She’ll also be sure to fill you in on any gossip you missed while you were out (see #1).

3. Business trips feel like a vacation

You can hit the hotel pool in between meetings, or squeeze in some sightseeing (read: shopping) when you get free time.

4. You get to instant message all day long

You can regress to your 7th grade AIM-obsessed self as you furiously type back and forth. And don’t you dare go into a meeting without telling her, she’ll PING you repeatedly until you’re back. What else are friends for?

5. She helps you decide what to get for lunch

As any working girl knows, choosing what to eat for lunch is one of the most important decisions you’ll make all day. Your work BFF becomes your permanent lunch buddy. Whether she’s helping you follow through with your commitment to bringing lunch from home, or convincing you to ditch the salad for a slice of pizza, you’ll thank her in the long run.

6. You can ask each other the stupid questions you’re too embarrassed to ask anyone else

Like how to use the phone or the copy machine. Seriously, why so many buttons?!

7. She really understands what you’re going through each day

She can be there for you in ways your other friends can’t. She listens to you vent at the end of a bad day and actually gets why you’re upset. She celebrates your work successes (no matter how small) and she’s genuinely excited for you and your accomplishments.

8.You have a wing woman at office happy hours

You also have someone to make sure you don’t get too drunk and start twerking with the CEO. That’s not to say that getting appropriately buzzed with your work bestie (on your company’s dime) isn’t the best thing ever.

9.She gives you honest, realistic career advice

Whether you need help asking for a raise, deciding to switch teams, or choosing an outfit for your presentation, there’s one person you ask. Not only does she know the company and the industry, but she also knows you.

10. Having to work on your birthday isn’t so bad

She will make sure that the rest of the team knows it’s your birthday by sending obnoxious mass emails and decorating your desk area with signs and desserts

11. She sees you before your morning coffee and still loves you

Your work BFF has the extreme pleasure of interacting with you every day before 9 a.m. She also sees you in your work clothes and doesn’t make fun of you for looking like Hillary Clinton or a Banana Republic model.

Yup, she’s basically the best person ever. She’s like your corporate soul mate, and you are so lucky to have found each other.

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