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7 Tricks That Actually Make Spring Cleaning Fun


Although we’re excited it’s finally spring, there are a couple downsides to the season—namely, spring cleaning. But de-cluttering your place doesn’t have to be all that bad! There are always fun alternatives to those pesky chores. Try our seven tips for making spring cleaning fun!

1. Challenge your friends

Turn your dreaded chore into a fun competition! Challenge your friends to a clean-off. Measure your success by how many items you throw out, how many clothes you donate or how fast you can strip your place down. Loser buys dinner!

2. Reward yourself


Don’t forget to treat yourself after your cleaning is done! Motivate yourself to get your work done by having a reward set for when you’ve finished. Tell yourself you can’t go out until you’ve organized your closet or cleaned your kitchen.

Sara, a senior at Assumption College, says that she gets through spring cleaning by setting a certain reward for each chore. “I always say that I can go shopping once I get rid of a bunch of old clothes and donate them,” she says, adding, “I figure if I make room in my closet, I have to fill the space!”

Set a goal and have a reward laid out for when you’ve achieved it. Or, better yet, set intervals and reward yourself for each step of the way. For example, treat yourself to a snack after throwing out 10 items of clothing or take a Netflix break when you’re done cleaning the bathroom! Setting mini rewards will help you make it through each step of the process.

3. Sell your stuff

What’s better motivation for collegiettes than straight cash? If you’re a pack rat, it can be hard to bring yourself to get rid of your belongings. Reward yourself for minimalizing by selling your clothes. Take them to a secondhand store or use an online consignment shop!

“One of my favorite ways to get rid of clothes and make a little extra cash is with thredUp,” says Christine, a sophomore at the College of Charleston. thredUp is an online consignment shop that will send you a free envelope and bag in the mail, which you fill up with clothing and ship off (they cover shipping!). “You earn cash for every item they accept meeting their high-quality standards,” says Christine; it’s a convenient way to clean out your closet while also making an extra buck.

4. Donate

If you can afford to skip the cash, consider donating your old stuff instead! Find your nearest donation center or Goodwill and head over with a bag from your freshly cleaned closet.

Alexis, a senior at William Patterson University, recommends looking for a local donation center specifically benefitting women. Christine opts for the donation option on thredUp. “You can also choose to donate that money to a charity,” she explains, “so it's a really nice way to give back and clean up your closet!”

5. Redecorate

The best thing about spring cleaning is the finished result, when your desk is de-cluttered, your windows are shiny and your floor is spotless. So what better time than now to redecorate?

“One thing that my mother and I love to do as a reward after we are done spring cleaning is being able to re-decorate the house using the space that was originally cluttered with things we didn't need!” says Kristen, a freshman at the University of Georgia. Take advantage of the new space and switch it up! Rearrange furniture, hang up seasonal decorations or add new pieces!

6. Turn it into a DIY project

Just because the old clothes you have don’t fit or aren’t in style doesn’t mean you have to get rid of them. Turn your old ragged jeans into your next DIY project! There are tons of ways to repurpose clothes—whether it’s to enhance other items of clothing or create something totally new!

Even if you’re not into the idea of cutting up old clothes, there are tons of opportunities for DIY and upcycling projects! Take a furniture piece you don’t like and change it up. While sanding and painting might seem intimidating, there are lots of easy ways to upgrade furniture. A quick Pinterest search should spark some ideas!

7. Multi-task

Cleaning doesn’t have to be all one-dimensional—have a little fun with it! Try multi-tasking while you clean to keep it interesting and get things done at the same time. Need to catch up on your favorite TV show? Have Netflix playing while you empty your closet. Can’t focus on a show while you’re busy cleaning? Try listening to your favorite playlist or even a podcast!

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to always be a total drag! With a little motivation and some music, it can actually be a fun time—we promise.

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