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The 14 Best Things About Finals Week


Finals week might be taxing on your mind and body…

…but it doesn’t have to be all bad.

1. For instance, you have no classes, and you have the freedom to spend your days however you please.

You might have to do some studying eventually, but you’ll squeeze it in there.

2. Finals week also gives you an excuse to get a little more lenient with your beauty regimen.

3. Showering daily? Forget it. You don’t have time for that nonsense.

4. No one is supposed to look cute during finals, so you finally have an excuse to wear sweatpants for a week straight.

5. Same goes for letting up on your diet.

6. You’re under a lot of stress, so you can feel justified to eat whatever whenever you want and however much of it you please.

Want to eat a second dinner? You go for it, girl. You deserve it.

7. Study breaks give you a chance to catch up on all your TV shows.

8. And to take a lot of well-deserved naps.

9. You can say goodbye to gym obligations for a week.

10. And being nice to other people? Whatever. You can resume that once finals are over.

11. During finals, you’ll get to see for yourself just how much you’re capable of bearing…

12. …and you might amaze yourself with the things you can accomplish.

13. Which of course you can brag about to everyone later.

Though you may not make it through finals week completely unscathed…

14. …you always have the celebration that follows to look forward to.

Good luck with your exams, collegiettes!

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