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15 Things We All Do to Procrastinate Studying for Finals


Studying for finals is undeniably one of the worst parts of college. On top of the fact that you have tons of tests to study for and papers to write, you can practically taste summer, and it makes you want to be anything but productive. At this point, you'd rather do anything than sit down and read your textbooks. Here are a few things we're all guilty of doing to avoid it.

1. Refreshing Twitter even though you just checked it three minutes ago

You can't miss out on stuff like Kim K's selfies or Anna Kendrick's Tweets, duh. 

2. Spring cleaning

The only time it's fun to clean is when you could be studying for psych.

3. Sending a Snapchat to at least 10 different people to start conversations

Someone is bound to reply and give you an excuse to put off studying until you run out of faces to make.

4. Catching up on Shonda shows

Warning: This will cause both more procrastination as well as emotional trauma.

5. Taking spontaneous naps

Oh, look, it's nap o'clock!

6. Getting sucked into a black hole on YouTube

One second you're watching Nicki Minaj's new music video, 30 minutes later you're learning how to play the clarinet... without a clarinet.

7. Making elaborate snacks

No one can study without brain food. No one.

8. Facebook-stalking your sister's friend's hot cousin who apparently lives in Spain and has a fabulous life

Seriously, someone should hire you to be a private investigator.

9. Casually checking to see what's new on your favorite stores' websites

It's not your fault your professor scheduled your final the day after Anthropologie's summer catalog came out.

10. Telling yourself you'll start studying at the next half-hour mark

*2:30 passes*

"Okay, 3:00 it is, then."

11. Planning out your entire life

Why do you always come to the same conclusion??

12. Re-organizing your entire desk to make sure it looks perfect for an Insta of your study environment

Your new post gives you an excuse to check your phone every two minutes to see who's liking it.

13. Having an impromptu karaoke session

Bonus points if you can get friends to join in.

14. Taking a zillion online quizzes to find out things like what your aura is and which Disney princess you really are

Turns out your aura is blue and you're Mulan through and through.

15. Working out

LOL, JK. We might actually rather study.

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