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How Girls Study for Finals


You plan on pulling an all-nighter for your final tomorrow, which means you need to pregame your study session with a ton of caffeine.

Now that you're hyped, you think your study sesh is going to go something like this:

But after zooming through a few pages in your textbook, you realize you can’t recall anything you've read.

And when you do process the material, you realize it's incredibly boring and say:

But then your study buddy calls you out:

And you're like:

But most of the tabs on your browser are online shopping websites.

And since you and your friend are working in your room, it's tempting to go sit on your bed…(where you could take a nap, but just a short one!).

Once you’re in your cozy pile of blankets, getting back on track is a struggle.

The only thing that can wake you up now is a midnight snack.

But you pass on pizza delivery because you don't want to pick up the phone and there's already a box of Pop-Tarts sitting in your room.

After another half an hour of lounging around, you manage to crank out a few pages of notes at 200 WPM to make yourself feel productive.

But when you read what you wrote, you’re like:

So you ask your friend:

She helps you out and you “study” for a few more hours until your brain can’t hold any more information.

On your way to your final the next day, you're feeling confident...

...until you see people crawl straight out of the library, like:

So you start panicking about if there were chapters you forgot to study.

But your test is in 10 minutes and there is no time to review.

So instead, you calculate the lowest possible score you need to maintain your current letter grade,

And trust that the curve will give you enough of a boost.

Because at this point, worrying is useless.

So you embrace the fact that you don't know a lot of the material.

Because chances are you aren't even going to use your major in the real world.

Here's to the rest of finals week! Good luck, collegiettes!


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