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Finals Week, As Told by Seth Rogen & James Franco


Finals week is here, and at this point, you're just hoping for anything but an F.

Dream big, buddy!

You act casual, but really, you’re a puddle of emotions right now. 

There's nothing wrong with a little crying, okay? 

Especially because you’re not even close to being ready for your exams.

You've reached a breaking point. 

First of all, your professor announced that your hardest exam would be cumulative.


And then you notice your exam schedule just sucks in general.

No, really. Why?!

So you put off studying until the last minute, hoping that if you just avoid it, it’ll all go away. 

Reality is only reality if you acknowledge it. Denial is key.

Your roommate wakes you up to study, and you’re just like:

Doesn't she know that your brain needs sleep in order to function?

And then she suggests that you both grab a good spot at the library before you get coffee.

Now get me a Trenta... or caffeine in an IV.

Someone tells you not to drink so much coffee. You just look at them like:

They don't understand what you're going through.

You start studying by staring at your notes, hoping they’ll just sink in. 

Didn't someone tell you that if you sleep on your textbook you'll learn the information more quickly?

You decide to give up on studying and just start watching cat videos on YouTube instead.

They never get old. 

After 24 solid hours in the library, you look at yourself in the mirror and realize:

Take a shower before your exam, would you?

Your friends start asking if they can do anything for you, and you’re like:

You can use all the emotional support you can get.

Your parents call to see how studying is going, and you just tell them:

"I'm going to ace every one of these exams!" - You, trying to assure your mother that college wasn't a waste of time and money. 

In reality you’re like:

How many tacos from Taco Bell will fix your brittle writing hand and broken heart?

Enough crying. You wake up the morning of your exam, and all it once it hits you what you have to do that day.

For a brief moment, you almost forgot. Ignorance is bliss.

You realize that you can’t just wish this exam away. 

Even though you really, really wish that you could. 

Your first exam is full of information you've never seen before, so you just stare at it like:

Where was this information in the textbook?

But you can't even dwell on it, because you've got three more finals to take. 

But you know that once you're done, you'll be prancing out of that classroom like:

Hello, summer! BYE, FINALS.

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