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9 Outfits You Can't Get Away With in the Real World


College is full of opportunities... like giving us the chance to wear (pretty much) whatever we want 24/7! We feel equally as accepted when we're in leggings as we do in our walk of shame look. Unfortunately, after college, some of our favorite outfits are no longer acceptable. For now, let's celebrate the looks we love, but will definitely be judged for post-college. 

1. Wearing the same sweatshirt three days in a row

But Drake says that's when we're the prettiest!

2. Micro... micro mini skirts

Sometimes we just wanna flaunt our assets... but maybe as we get older the hemline should get a little longer.

3. Leggings all day, every day

As much as it pains us to admit, leggings aren't considered real clothes in the adult world.

4. Questionable Halloween costumes

Ugh... we might have to actually plan ahead for this one.

5. The oversized shirt and "Norts" combo

It's pretty much a uniform.

6. Bare feet

You know when you're at a formal event and you take your shoes off, and suddenly your night is like 10000x better? Yeah... unfortunately this is less acceptable post-college.

7. Wearing his clothes the morning after

It's almost better to just own your walk of shame outfit...

8. Not wearing pants

Yeah, this is definitely less cute when you're not living in a dorm. We might actually have to like, get out of bed.

9. Sunglasses inside

People will respect you in the library, but probs not at a desk job.

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