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9 Things We'd Never Wear Again (& 3 We Totally Would)


We love looking back on old trends and seeing how much fashion has changed over time. More often than not, our response is “what were we thinking?” Whether it’s a constricting tube top or a velour track suit, there are some things from our past that we wouldn’t be caught dead wearing. But, to our surprise, there are a few items we secretly wish we still had.

9 Things We Would Never Wear Again

1. Juicy Couture track suit

Remember begging your mom to drop $100+ dollars on this functional and fashionable piece of leisurewear? We don’t know about you, but we’re glad she said no!

2. Trucker hats

Let’s blame this one on Ashton Kutcher. While he was out punking his pals, we were rushing to hop on board this trend. We stick to our floppy, bohemian toppers these days.

3. Gauchos

We always knew these were unflattering, but man were they comfy. Think of gauchos as the pre-yoga pant era of lazy bottom-half dressing.

4. Chokers

While we may have worn chokers when they were cool, we don’t understand now why they were so popular. But if Lizzie McGuire could pull it off, we probably thought we could, too.

5. Lace camisoles

The 2000s were all about unnecessary layering; cue the lace cami. That peekaboo detailing was everything when we were pre-teens, but now it just seems pointless and not to mention, totally cumbersome. Flash forward to today, and camis have shrunk into far cuter bralettes.

6. Bubble shirts

These one-size-fits-all stretchy tops were all the rage because they were basically magic. How could such a tiny shirt stretch to fit anyone? It was downright mystifying. While throwing one of these on before a final would be easy, we just can’t get over the itchy, popcorn-like material.

7. Birkenstocks

Slipping on these bad boys with your latest doll-sized outfit from Abercrombie & Fitch was the thing to do in middle school. The sandals are making a comeback in the form of celeb street style, but the slip-ons are still a no-no.

8. Slap bracelets

One word: ow! While we’d love to accessorize in a matter of seconds by wildly slapping on our wristwear, the unbearable pain just isn’t worth the smiley face and heart prints.

9. Tube tops

Once you’ve got a little something going on up top, it’s hard to justify wearing a tube top. They’re just a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.

3 Pieces We Secretly Wished We Still Owned

1. Halter tops

We’re not talking about those disastrous halters made out of old bandanas. Flowy halter tops in light fabrics—like this one worn by SMG—would gladly be welcomed back into our closets.

2. Denim miniskirts

A tasteful length (as in, not the tattered, short-enough-to-be-a-belt ones you used to own) paired with sneakers for a laid-back weekend look? Sign us up!

3. Flare jeans

A ’70s influence can be felt in today’s trends, so why not embrace it with super flared jeans like the ones Rachel Bilson wore back in her O.C. days? An expertly fitted and non-distressed pair will update the denim cut to our oh-so-modern standards.

Which clothing items from your past are you ashamed you ever wore, collegiettes? And which do you wish you’d never thrown out?

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