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15 Struggles Every Natural-Haired Girl Knows to Be True


Whether you just joined the natural hair movement or have been on the train for quite some time now, these are some struggles that anybody with natural hair can relate to.

1. Protective styling your hair... and then missing your curls

Truth: We always want what we don't have.

2. You hoard products like there's a shortage

Because it takes about 10 products and 500 tries to get the perfect style. And when something new hits shelves? MUST. TRY. IT. 

3. When you try something new, and it looks terrible

But we spent hours on it... no, not figuratively speaking. LITERALLY hours.

4. People telling you they miss your straight hair

Please remind us to the time when we asked for your opinion...

5. When your twists don't dry before you undo them

JK, no perfect curls today.

6. What happens when you neglect to twist your hair before going to bed

We all know better, but we always think that we are the exception. If only we'd spent the two hours doing so last night!

7. On that note... twisting hair takes forever

Twisting, tugging, pulling, wrapping, braiding... it never ends.

8. Dealing with breakage

Noooo how will our hair ever grow?!

9. "I woke up like this" (and still look good) is not a real thing

Getting ready is a process and one we actually need to get up early for.

10. Having to explain to EVERYONE what the satin bonnet is for

When we're trying to go to bed is NOT the time to get into this discussion.

11. Humidity!

Every natural-haired girl's common enemy. We promise, it's not always this big and frizzy!

12. People always touching your hair

How about... no.

13. Dry hair... All. The. Time.

Couldn't ONE of the three moisturizing masks we used worked?!

14. Constant detangling is something you will just have to accept

'Nuff said.

15. You're always dealing with shrinkage

Wait... wasn't our hair longer just a few minutes ago?!

But of course, this is all worth it for when your hair looks on point!

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