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7 Fashion Essentials to Rely on During Finals Week


As you’ve all probably figured out by now, the one thing standing between you and your long-awaited summer is finals week. Your brain is telling you to make study guides and take diligent notes, but your heart is telling you to order that cute swimsuit while it’s still on sale. While your professors are probably bombarding you with exam reviews and final papers, we’re here to offer you some fashion aid to help prep you for final exams. Here are some clothes and accessories will help you get through finals and look good doing it:

1. SG Script Pullover Hoodie, $88, spiritualgangster.com

With the warmer weather taking over, schools have been quick to stop the heat and start blasting the AC. If you’re studying in the library for hours on end, you will definitely need a cute sweatshirt to throw on to keep from freezing. There’s nothing exciting about your boring plain gray hoodie, so try one in a bright color or with a fun graphic on it instead.

2. Running Shorts, $45 (price may vary), krassandco.com

If you’re not one to dress up to go to class, chances are, you’re not going to want to dress up during finals week either. Running shorts are a college campus staple in the spring and are comfortable to wear all day and all night. Try a cute color or pattern and mix and match them with your favorite fraternity or school T-shirts.

3. Resort Tote, $138, lillypulitzer.com

Lugging books, your laptop, snacks and a million other things around campus calls for a cute book bag. Ditch you usual school backpack for a fun tote to lighten the dark mood that takes over a school during finals week.

4. Smathers & Branson Needlepoint College Hat, $35, tnuck.com

A few days into finals can get you to the point where you don’t feel like you have time to shower or eat without losing precious study hours. Second day hair can be a little greasy and gross, and you can’t be bothered by those fancy hairstyles to disguise it. Here is where a baseball hat can really come in handy and act as an accessory to your outfit at the same time.

5. Go Anywhere Trio, $48, henribendel.com

Cosmetic pouches can be used to hold so many different things—you can even use them for your pens, pencils, highlighters and more. Of course, they'll also hold your on-the-go beauty needs like lip balm, hand lotion, eye cream and mints.

6. Colored Leopard Tumbler, $15, tervis.com

Coffee, tea or water all taste better when you’re sipping from a cute travel mug. Not only do they play the very functional role of keeping your drink warm or cold, but they also can be something simple to brighten your mood when you’ve got a case of the finals blues.

7. Crystal Dogwood Earrings, $28, baublebar.com

When you’ve been dressing super casual for a while and focusing on the toughest of your exams, it can be nice to dress up a little! People always say you should dress well to test well, and that can be as easy as putting on some glitzy earrings.

What do you need to survive finals week?

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