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7 Struggles Only 'Pretty Little Liars' Fans Will Understand


It's been five seasons full of murders, creepy text messages, stalkers, breakups, makeups and multiple "A" reveAls (if you can even actually call it that). When you sat down to watch the premiere of Pretty Little Liars five years ago on ABC Family you probably had no idea what you were getting yourself into. Sure, you may have read the books, but it's not the same. Now you're in too deep, and there is no end in sight. Every time we find out who "A" is, it seems to be yet another lie. Face it, you're glued. Here are the struggles every PLL fan faces:

1. Wondering if we'll ever find out who "A" is

Everyone in the cast has been accused of being "A" at some point or another, even the girls themselves. It seems with each season's reveAl, twe get further from finding out "A's" true identity.

2. Crushing hard on Ezra Fitz

Why can't all English professors be this attractive? Although, maybe it's a good thing because who could actually pay attention in class with Fitz as the teacher?

3. Deciding to quit the show... unsuccessfully

You're lying if you say you haven't claimed to stop watching PLL at some point by now. Maybe it was after Ezra was "A," or after Ari killed Shauna, or maybe when you found out Mona was still alive. You may be frustrated and fed up at the end of each season, but we all know you'll be back.

4. Getting frustrated with every dumb mistake the girls make... which happens a lot

You've probably yelled "Spencer, no, don't go in there!!!" at your TV at least once by now. There's no doubt the girls are in a sticky situation, but you can't help but blame them for some of their problems. Just a suggestion, maybe don't go chasing after your stalker all by yourself. 

5. Getting really creeped out by all the masks...

This show is seriously creepy. With all the masks, hoods, blood and stalkers, there have been plenty of scenes worthy of watching from behind a pillow.

6. Loosing track of character storylines

Who's related to whom again? And why does everyone's family disappear so often? What happened to Holden? Now there is Charles? Who IS Charles?"

7. You have serious trust issues

If you have developed trust issues over the past five years, you can thank Pretty Little Liars for that. Everyone in the show has a secret agenda, and at this point, it's almost better not to know everyone's secrets. Otherwise, you'll just keep getting tricked and betrayed by the characters you once loved. Thanks a lot, PLL.

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