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10 Ways Trying to Get a Job is Basically 'The Hunger Games'


As graduation grows nearer, seniors can be a little on edge. And by "a little on edge," we mean that they're frantically scrambling to maintain their GPAs while also desperately trying to land a job. If you're one of these soon-to-be-graduates, chances are that even if you have loved everyone in your major for the past four years, you're secretly praying that they won't get whatever job you're all applying for and that you'll beat them to it. Trying to find a job after graduation is basically The Hunger Games.

Every job posting you see online, you're just like...

But once you start filling out your hundredth application or so, you start to forget how to make these people want to hire you. Are you even doing it right?

And tailoring your cover letter for each position is such a daunting task. You want to stand out from the other applicants!

You sign the bottom of your cover letter, trying not to sound too desperate, and pray that you'll hear from the hiring manager. 

And until you do, you're a mess.

But you try to stay positive!

When you finally get the interview, you're ready to show them why you're perfect for the job. 

But when you get to the interview and see all of the other professional, brilliant-looking applicants in the room waiting to be interviewed, you feel like...

You stare them down, silently praying that you'll beat them all, as the receptionist calls you each in one by one. 

When she calls your name, you take a deep breath and fight your hardest for the position. 

Grab your bow and arrow - it's about to get real. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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