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8 Sephora Brands You Don't Know (But Should)


Think you know your way around a Sephora? Think again. We found uncharted products sitting on those selves—how did they sneak in these amazing beauty brands without us noticing?! Our favorite beauty vault has stocked up on everything from Asian beauty to innovative skincare to game-changing makeup. Needless to say, we’re itching to try all of them. It’s time to back away from the NARS counter (don’t worry, it’ll be there when you get back), and head over to check out these brands...

1. Belif

Everyone knows that Korea is totally on top of the skincare game. There’s a reason the women there have ah-mazing skin. We’ll have whatever they’re having, and they’re buying Belif. It’s the perfect blend of apothecary ingredients (like herbal waters) and Korean skin care science. We’re reaching for the Hydra Sebum Control Essence ($42), which is perfect for the warmer weather because it controls oil and shine while still maintaining hydrated skin. 

2. Chosungah 22

Another K-Beauty brand we’re obsessed with is Chosungah 22. From the top makeup artist Chosungah, who’s had over two decades of experience beautifying women, this brand is all about using makeup as a form of play and self-expression. Sephora is hooking us up with the Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker ($22), a tinted brow gel that manages to be both waterproof and nourishing with photo keratin and henna. Also, the packing is beyond cute! 


We love how NUDESTIX came to be! Mom and chemical engineer Jenny Frankel and her two daughters Ally and Taylor Frankel are the all-star team that’s behind these highly curated, easy-to-use makeup crayons. If you love the no-makeup makeup look, this is your cup of tea. Their Lip + Cheek Pencil ($24) will be appearing in our bags soon—the perfect makeup on the go! 

4. Bésame Cosmetics

The Bésame face powders look like they belong on a duchess’s vanity. The brand is known for bringing back classic, luxury makeup in a modern form. Their Brightening Vanilla Face Powder ($22) helps to control redness while adding a warm glow to your complexion, making it a must have for summer!

5. Ardency Inn

The rocker-chic look has been making a huge comeback lately, and if you were thinking of rocking (pun intended) this look, there’s no better brand than Ardency Inn to turn to. Inspired by the New York music scene, their products not only last long but look good doing it, too. We’re all about their MODSTER Long Play Supercharged Lip Color ($25), which feels like a balm while making you look like a bombshell. 

6. Surratt Beauty

We’ve got two words for you: customizable palettes. The products you’ll be popping into those palettes have top-notch formulas and fantastic colors—you’ll never be stuck with that one color in a palette you won’t use. Choose from a petite or grande palette ($17-$22)—the hard part is narrowing down which eyeshadows and blushes you want! We've also heard whispers that the famous Surratt eyelash curler will be in stock soon, so mark your calendars.

7. Earth’s Nectar

This line is for our girls who want to take care of their gorgeous, curly locks. These formulas have no artificial colors, parabens, mineral oil, or petroleum, and the products smell out of this world. Say goodbye to dry, coarse curls, and instead embrace luscious hair that smells like delicious coconut ($23.50), mint leaves, or honey!

8. Drunk Elephant

We first noticed Drunk Elephant for the cute packaging, but we became obsessed the brand's simple-yet-effective skincare that’s non-toxic and additive-free. These products nurture your skin, turning it over time into a radiant complexion. We love the JuJu Bar ($28) because it’s perfect for sensitive skin and cleans, exfoliates, and heals. Plus, every purchase helps to support the International Elephant Foundation!

Which brand will you be looking out for on your next Sephora run?

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