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The 5 Best Ways to Declare Your Love (According to Hollywood)


We’d all like to think that there is someone who is bound to sweep us off our feet with every word they say. In Hollywood, grand displays of love go a really long way between couples, leaving the audience speechless and in a search for an epic love like theirs. But would these declarations of love cut it in real life? Here are the top five biggest declarations of love made on the big screen and our reasons on why it would (or wouldn’t) work in real life.

1. The Notebook

Cue the torrential downpour on a seemingly beautiful day and cut to the painfully attractive male and female leads. They talk about their relationship. Get your popcorn ready for the big kiss.

The dramatic make-out sesh in The Notebook may seem like the perfect scene to many collegiettes, since so many of us have a fantasy of being kissed in the rain. We would even risk contracting a possible cold if it meant getting smooched by the guy of our dreams with buckets of water pouring on our heads.

However, the reality of this scene is that it may look absolutely perfect, but think about how soggy and uncomfortable you would be! Rather than having the guy on your mind, you’ll likely be thinking about Kleenex and cold medicine. The odds of this being that romantic in real life are nearly slim to none, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fantasize about a Noah-and-Allie-style love!

2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The sheer awkwardness that Charlie (Logan Lerman) gives off when confessing his love to Sam (Emma Watson) makes this scene so much more believable and possible in the real world. After watching Sam get treated badly by her boyfriend and hearing her stories about her past relationships, Charlie found enough courage to tell her how special he thought she was.

We’ve all felt extremely awkward around our first really huge crush. Charlie was so nervous to tell Sam how he truly felt, so he acted on impulse and went for what he wanted. He said that she was special, smart and beautiful, and that she deserved so much more than what she was getting. To put the cherry on top, he surprised her with a big kiss.

 If we all had that sort of mentality when trying to hit up a potential lover, we’d all have a better chance with them rather than the zero-percent chance we’d have if we DIDN’T try. Go for it! If Charlie can do it, then you can too!

3. He’s Just Not That Into You

This is all a girl wants in life—having a guy admit that he was wrong all along, and then having him kiss her passionately while Keane plays in the background. In the movie, Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin) was constantly rejected by men, and after being written off by Alex (Justin Long), she finally threw in the towel. However, he realized how much he cared about her, and they presumably lived happily ever after. This would totally be romantic in real life because of a few factors:

  1. He kisses her mid-sentence.
  2. He whispers to her.
  3. He kisses her again.

We don’t know about you, but we would be putty in a guy’s hand if he did that to us. Couple those factors and ditch the Keane song for Bruno Mars and you’ve got a picture-perfect moment. The reality of this scene is that if you really feel that you should be with someone, you will make it work. Although Alex originally said no to Gigi, he realized he actually needed her in his life.

4. Friends with Benefits

In Friends with Benefits, Dylan (Justin Timberlake) and Jamie (Mila Kunis) really believed that they could be frisky without falling for each other, and when their feelings started to get in the way, it ruined their relationship. In an effort to get her back, JT dusted off his dancing shoes and got tons of people to do a flash mob to two songs that defined their relationship.

This may be an adorable idea, but let’s be real: do you really think that a guy would be able to pull this off in a venue as big as Grand Central Station? Probably not. Choreographing a dance is extremely time-consuming, and depending on all those other people to come to rehearsal would just give the choreographer a headache. Where do you find that many people to teach a dance to, anyways?

Let’s face it—even the dreamiest collegent probably wouldn’t be able to make this work. (But if you find one who does, hang on to that guy!)

5. Dirty Dancing

"Me, I'm scared of everything—I’m scared of what I saw, I’m scared of what I did, of who I am, and most of all, I'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I'm with you."

When Johnny (Patrick Swayze) felt like the world was out to get him and nothing was getting better, it was up to Baby (Jennifer Grey) to pick him up by the torso and lift him and his spirits up. She was able to help him realize how important he was to the people he loved and how much she cared about him.

It takes a girl with tons of guts to spill her soul to a guy. The pure emotion that both characters have for each other in that moment makes this scene amazingly realistic. There is no stronger love than the love shared by two people with a common passion—after all, the couple who twerks together, stays together!

There are a few Hollywood portrayals of the crazy little thing called love that are realistic, but for the most part, it’s just movie magic taking over. It’s up to us to make our own love story! Odds are you’re not going to see a guy outside your window with a boom box a la Say Anything… in college, but there’s a really good chance that if he’s really into you, he may make you a Spotify playlist to prove his love.

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