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11 Adventures You MUST Have This Summer


No plans for the summer? We’ve got you covered. From starting your own business, to skinny-dipping, these 11 adventures will have your weekends packed to the brim. So get going, collegiettes! Unfortunately we don’t all have 500 days of summer…

1. Road trip

…and obvi bring your BOGO card from Chipotle for must-have tastiness along the way!

2. Go to as many music festivals as possible

Rain or shine, all you have to do is dance! Rock a boohoo.com poncho so you can stand front and center (and be Insta-ready) no matter what the weather brings. To really get in that summer scene spirit, check out the fashion brand’s newest campaign, #WeAreUSA, featuring Bella Thorne, Angel Haze, Hannah Bronfman and Chloe Norgaard!

3. Host a classy cocktail party

…and finally put that “Party” Pinterest board to good use.

4. Sneak into an epic pool party

Pro tip: Throw on Blink Tattoos to stand out with the perfect pool party accessory. Find your way into a Hollywood pool party? Rock the LAX Collection, temporary tattoos with designs inspired by real celeb tats. How about a Hampton's pool party? The DXB Collection will help you channel that out-east cool with inspiring temporary ink. Hanging poolside in Vegas? The MIA Collection will up your EDM game and even glow under UV light for when the party hits the next decibel. 

5. Get lost in a good book

Turn off your phone, get back to nature and go on an adventure with a good, ol’ book. And pay it forward! Pass on the love to your friends or sisters by recommendingThe Her Campus Guide to College Life: How to Manage Relationships, Stay Safe and Healthy, Handle Stress, and Have the Best Years of Your Life so they can plan their next adventure – college!

8. Liven up your warm-weather workout

Say goodbye to indoor workouts – those are for dreary old winters. On to summer workouts! Paddleboarding, anyone? Get your tan on, sport your cutest bikini AND get some exercise? Win-win-win!

6. Check “learn how to be financially savvy” off your to-do list

Allow us to introduce you to the New York Times bestselling bookRICH BITCH: A Simple 12-Step Plan for Getting Your Financial Life Together… FinallyBecause budgeting sucks, but so does being broke. Bonus: You can still splurge on your morning latte!

7. Skinny dip

Get a bunch of your girlfriends together, wait ‘til it gets dark and dive on in. You’ll regret it forever if you can’t look back and say you’ve done it! Not feeling ready for a skinny dip yet? Tone up that bikini bod (or in this case, birthday suit bod!) anytime, anywhere with Crunch Live online workouts!

8. Go to a carnival

Be a kid for a day and indulge in cotton candy, Tilt-A-Whirls and halls of mirrors (with selfies along the way, naturally).

9. Be your own boss

Join the Chloe + Isabel GEM program to get marketable, real-world experience that’ll build your resume and your bank account. Earning 25-40% commission on your jewelry sales will help you have all the adventures you want this summer, plus you could score an internship and all-expense-paid trip to NYC!

10. Take a day for yourself

Go to the spa, take a solo road trip, or just go on a shopping spree. It’s hard to be you. Treat yo’ self!

11. Ask someone out

Just YOLO it! You never know what the summer might have in store…

What adventures does this summer have in store for you, collegiettes? Whatever it is, celebrating yourself is a whole lot easier (and way more fun!) with our Summer Survival Kits. Trust us, this is one giveaway you won’t want to miss – enter here to win yours!


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