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#FriendshipGoals: Our 6 Favorite On-Screen BFFs


Your best friend is probably going to be one of the most important people in your life. Whether you connect by binging on junk food while watching Netflix or failing miserably at that advanced yoga class you two tried, you have a bond that just can't be explained. You know they'll always be there for you as will you for them, no matter what. In honor of you and your BFF, here are our top TV friendships that will make you realize how special yours is! 

1. Serena and Blair, Gossip Girl

Between stealing each other's boyfriends and sabotaging one another's chances of getting into college, it's safe to say that Serena and Blair had one of the most volatile friendships on TV. But maybe that's what made it so strong by the series' end; they had literally been through it all, thick and thin, and many times at that. Plus, they also had the most stunning wardrobes ever, so raiding the other's closet would've been a huge friendship perk.

2. Chandler and Joey, Friends

When it came to food, women and watching TV, Chandler and Joey were basically long-lost twins. All they had to do was give each other the look and just like that, we knew that they were thinking the same exact thing. These two shared more than a bromance; they put all other friendships to shame!

3. Raven and Chelsea, That's So Raven

Having differing opinions on the environment and eating animals sure didn't stop Raven and Chelsea from being the ultimate Disney BFFs. From turning into farm animals to evading the school bullies, these two never broke into too much of a sweat despite the crazy shenanigans they were always mixed up in. Plus, Chelsea never revealed Raven's secret abilities to anyone and that's some solid loyalty right there.

4. Leslie and Ann, Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins might have met under strange circumstances (remember that pit Andy fell into?), but that didn't prevent them from establishing one of the strongeset bonds on the show! Not only were they each other's biggest cheerleaders, they also constantly fed each other with the most self-esteem-boosting compliments. Our personal favorite was when Leslie called Ann a "beautiful tropical fish."

5. Ryan and Seth, The OC

Unlikely friends usually mesh so well because they balance each other out. We loved Marissa and Summer as a duo, but we simply could not get enough of Ryeth, aka, Ryan and Seth. Seth provided the comic relief when Ryan was in a foul mood, and Ryan showed his friend the dating ropes. Whenever the two were in limbo with the girls (which was almost always), the two guys had each other's backs.

6. Meredith and Cristina, Grey's Anatomy

I think we knew their friendship was the real deal when Cristina hopped into bed with Meredith and McDreamy for a cuddle sandwich. It was either that, or the time they laid on the bathroom floor and discussed their love lives while drinking tequila. There was also that comment Cristina made about how if she murdered someone, Meredith would be the one to help her get rid of the body. If that's not bestie dedication, then we don't know what is.

Which TV friendship is most like the one you have with your bestie?

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