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The 11 Stages of Getting Dressed During Finals Week


We all have those days when we feel like we have nothing to wear. Multiply that stress by, like, a thousand when it comes to getting dressed during finals week. Dressing yourself amidst cram sessions and a lack of sleep is nearly impossible. We feel your pain, so we’ve broken down this immensely hectic process into 11 stages... so that we can face this harsh reality together.

1. You set your alarm for 7:30 a.m., so you have some extra time and don't feel rushed in the morning. But you oversleep.

Darn you, snooze button!

2. You look at the clock and calculate the exact number of minutes you have to get ready.

A solid ten… looks promising.

3. Scarfing down a stale granola bar, you rummage through your closet for clothes. Anything clean will do.

A row of empty hangers is not a good sign.

4. That’s when you realize you meant to do laundry last night. Or was that last week?

Regardless, a cute outfit that matches is no longer an option.

5. If you can find a pair of leggings, you’ll be saved.

Victory! Tights may not be pants, but leggings totally are. At least during finals.

6. Next, a top. The old high school T-shirt you slept in last night will have to do.

Hopefully no one will notice the stains and wrinkles.

7. You hurry to the bathroom to check your hair.

It’s as bad as you thought. Basically, a lost cause at this point.

8. Normally, you don't want to leave the house without full-on Kardashian makeup.

Who are you kidding? Give it up, girl.

9. Finally, you rush to find some shoes.

The only things in immediate view are your shower flip-flops and your Uggs... just no.

10. You run to class so you don’t miss your final…

Did we say run? We meant walk as quickly as possible. You definitely don’t have the strength to run anywhere.

11. ...and find that everyone else looks just as awful as you do.

There’s such comfort in knowing that they’re as miserable and dysfunctional as you are.

How do you avoid the stress of dressing during finals week, collegiettes?

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