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10 Feminist Ice Cream Flavors We Wish Existed


In the past decade, Ben & Jerry's has made 20 flavors honoring famous people, and only two of them have honored women. So a BuzzFeed contributor took matters into her own hands and put together a list of some feminist ice cream flavors that we wish existed. Check them out below... we're getting hungry already.

1. Ruth Bader Ginger 

2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Doughprah Winfrey 

3. Hillary Rocky Roadham Clinton 

4. Cherryl Sandberg 

5. Sonya SotomayOreo Mint Cookie 

6. Butter Pecancé Knowles

7. Chocolate PepperMinty Kaling Crunch

8. Venus & Serena Vanilliams

9. CaramEllen DeGeneres Fudge 

10. RaspbeRihanna Fudge Chip 

Hopefully now that BuzzFeed has taken the lead on creating a few potential feminist ice cream flavors, Ben & Jerry's will take the hint and start churning out some deliciously female-positive flavors of its own! 

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