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11 Times Fashion Was Brutally Honest


It's not always as easy as we'd want it to be to say what we're thinking... which is why sometimes we turn to fashion to do it for us. Fashion helps us make statements, and we love it when our favorite pieces can literally do the talking for us. Let your clothes and accessories be brutally honest for you with these 11 products:

1. Dogeared Life After Coffee Pouch, $24

Life isn't always filled with sunshine and daisies, but coffee definitely helps! Stuff your daily essentials in this adorable pouch. And don't forget to stop at Starbucks!

2. Super Bowl Monday Lil Bro Raglan, $70

First comes Super Bowl Sunday, then comes Hangover Monday. Although, we have a feeling this tee might come in handy on other Mondays as well... #collegietteproblems

3. Rebecca Minkoff Little Lottie Coin Purse, $45

Sometimes we have to scrape a little money together for the important things in life, like brunch.

4. Netflix Nachos & Naps Muscle Tank, $52

This shirt just gets our priorities.

6. There’s No Way You Woke Up Like That Tote, $20

Do you ever feel like you just have to call someone out? Let this tote do it for you.

7. Not Serious Linen Tank, $14.90

Why so serious?

8. Kate Spade New York Head in the Clouds iPhone Case, $30

Daydreaming all day every day... #noshame

9. Sadie You Can’t Sit With Us Tank, $20

Mean Girls always supplies us with the best lines.

10. Ryan Porter Zoe Bracelet, $52

Say what you need to say with Ryan Porter's adorable, customized jewelry. We have a feeling Bey would approve of this one!

11. Quinn Mermaids Embroidery Top, $24

Next time you forget an assignment, throw your prof for a loop with this tee!

Which of these pieces speaks the most to you, collegiettes?

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