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The 13 Best Things About Having a Sister


You may have a love-hate relationship with your sister, but no matter what, you know she’ll always be there for you. Here are just a few of our favorite things about having a sister.

1. You’ve had a built-in best friend since childhood…

2. …and an easy choice for your maid of honor at your future wedding.

3. If you’re close in size, you’ll always have something to borrow for those days when you hate all of your own clothes.  

4. You may be competitive with each other…

…but that competitiveness motivates you to be better.

5. You never have to be bored when you’re home on break.

6. You always have someone to hang out with at family functions.

7. If you’re the younger one, you have a role model to look up to…

8. …and if you’re the older one, you get to be that role model for someone else.

9. You’ve always had a teammate in the battles you’ve waged against your parents.

10. You have someone who will always be honest with you…

11. …and you have someone to turn to when you’re in need of some real advice.

12. You know that no one in the world understands you better…

13. …and no matter how much you fight, you know that you’ll always be okay in the end.


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