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13 Signs Your Procrastination Has Gone Too Far


Ah, procrastination - those who are well versed in it call it an art, other people call you lazy. But you know that isn't true! You just know what you like, and what you like is relaxing and avoiding doing anything that resembles work. Here are some signs that you're a first-class procrastinator. 

1. You have to take a nap before you do anything these days. 

It's exhausting being you. Oh well; back to bed. 

2. Your most-used phrase is, "Just one more episode..."

You've started referring to the characters of your latest binge-watching spree by their first names. 

3. Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow.

You have plenty of time. 

4. You were going to start studying at 8 p.m., but you looked at the clock and it's 8:01... guess you're waiting until 9. 

It's just how you do things. 

5. When it starts getting late, you usually just decide that you'll just wake up early tomorrow and get it done before class. 

Like you haven't tried and failed to do this a thousand times before. 

6. It's important that you print your essay before class? Sure, you'll do it.

Five minutes before class:

"Sorry, professor - the printers in the library were jammed... all of them..."

7. You need to make sure that your study area is perfect. That's productivity right there. 

This is literally the only time you ever clean.

8. You need a study snack, but it can't be just any study snack. It's got to be homemade. And last for five courses. 

You're a domestic goddess, but you can't get your homework done. 

9. You've tried to use apps like Concentrate, but you're too weak. 

The Internet... it calls to you. 

10. You've spent time stalking people on Facebook whom you don't even know. 

Forget about it if someone you kind of know liked her cousin's wedding album. 

11. You know how busy you really are...

...with a million things that you shouldn't be spending your time on right now. 

12. Your friends are like, "But that project due tomorrow is worth 50 percent of your grade," and you're like,

You'll get it done, okay?!

13. But when you finally do sit down and do your work, you're unstoppable. 

It's not procrastinating; it's just doing things at your own pace. 

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