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How to Fake a Haircut


Sometimes we wake up wanting to try something new for the day: food, workout routine, outfit, and even our hair. Not all of us are are daring and adventurous enough to chop it off on a whim, though. Fortunately, there are tips and tricks for feigning radically different hair lengths and styles: no scissors or extensions required!

1. Short bob

For all you long haired ladies who are too attached to your hair (but still want to know what it feels like to have short hair)... well, do we have a solution for you!

  1. Divide your hair into two loose pigtails. Use clear elastics to secure and section off where you want to have your bob.
  2. Loop the tail up and under and secure the ends with pins matching your hair color.
  3. Secure the loop to the base of your hair with another bobby pin.
  4. Make sure the elastic isn't showing!

To add to the look, leave out the frontmost sections of your hair to give it a natural feeling and look.

2. Ponytail illusion

This look is fairly easy to execute and also adds length to your everyday pony. Instead of your regular pony, make two pony tails, one above the other. To blend in the ponies (and fake thicker hair, too), take a piece of hair from the bottom pony and wrap it around both of bands. Voila! You've added two to three inches to your normal ponytail!  

3. Shave it off

The side shave has become a very popular trend. It has definitely crossed our minds, but we cannot find the will power to commit—what if we hate it and have to wait while we awkwardly grow it out? Luckily, we can definitely fake the shaved sides.

  1. Make a side part and bring the part you are not using for your faux shave to the other side.
  2. Section the faux shave part of your hair into 3 sections, and twist or braid the sections tightly from the front to back of your hair so that it appears very sleek against your head. Make sure you're not twisting the entire section; just twist until you hit your ear.
  3. Using clear elastic bands or bobby pins to secure the sections so that they stay in place.

There you go! Play around with it and add volume to the other section, especially to the roots, to really emphasize the differences.

4. Bangin' bangs

This one isn't much about hair length, but it's a cool way to fake side bangs. For this look, you will need a thick headband or a cute hair scarf and a lot of bobby pins. Follow this handy pictorial from Hair Romance!


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