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10 Coachella Beauty Trends to Ditch This Year


Some would argue that Coachella is just as much about the fashion and beauty trends as it is about the actual music. Remember when flower crowns took off like none other? Or when Kendall Jenner wore that huge nose ring? Yep. Coachella is definitley the place to spot the quirkiest beauty looks. On first glace you might dig the boho-princess look, but in our humble opinion, maybe some of them should be left to rest.

1. Face jewelry

Since we brought it up, here's a picture to remind you (but how could you forget?) of her nose ring. See that grimace on her face? That nose ring is no joke, and we bet it tugs and hurts when she moves. No dancing for you, missy.

2. Overdone nails

Alessandra Ambrosio usually rocks the boho, model off duty look well, but those Coachella-inspired (you can barely see tiny palm trees and a ferris wheel on them) are overkill for a desert retreat.

3. Facepaint

We're not even sure how this girl managed to find face paint to match the exact shade of her bikini top. Just remember girls, it's Coachella, not a paint festival.

4. Metallic pverload

Drew Barrymore, we love you, but silver, gold, and metallic purple is not your look. At least she looks like she's enjoying the music, right?

5. Unicorn hair

Don't get us wrong, we love cool dye jobs, but Paris Hilton's neon highlights just aren't doing it for us. Maybe she should ask Nicole Richie for some pointers for cool, colored hair.

6. Face rhinestones

This looks like little bugs are stuck on her cheek. Sorry Sarah Hyland, we had to be honest.

7. Bindis

It's not just Ashley Benson who's guilty of sporting the bindi on her forehead to Coachella—tons of celebrities have done the same. There's a lot of controversy surrounding this new trend, and celebrities have certainly faced a healthy amount of backlash over it.

8. Native American-inspired beauty

Speaking of backlash, wearing feathered headdresses have taken over the music festival scene—and we're hoping that the recognition of this trend as cultural appropriation means they won't be present at festivals this year.

9. Flower crowns

The Jenner-Kardashian sisters are Coachella regulars, but we hope that Kylie leaves her somber, black flower crown at home this year... for good.

10. Bejeweled brows

A glorified unibrow?! We hope brow embellishments don't make a guest appearance this year.

Collegiettes, what Coachella beauty trends make you say, "I'm over it"?

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