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9 Cute Animals Who Dress Better than We Do


We consider ourselves to be pretty darn fashionable, but even we get in a rut sometimes. We doubt you’ve ever considered looking for outfit inspiration on well-dressed animals, but hear us out. From guinea pigs to cats, we found 9 adorable animals who somehow dress better than we do.

1. Cuddly corgi

Turtlenecks are making a comeback, and it looks like this handsome little corgi knows it.

2. Guinea pigs… with hats on

Thinking of trying out a statement hat? Let these guinea pigs convince you. Their tiny toppers are the ultimate garden party accessory!

3. Luxe dog

Whoa, who knew a dog’s clothes could be so fancy? Pearls, flowers and ruffles—all in one look—might be a bit over the top for a mere human, but one of these stellar details will class up any ensemble.

4. Bundled puppy

It’s definitely the darling face this guy’s giving us that makes the photo, but he’s also working it in that buffalo plaid. So trendy!

5. Couture cat

Raincoats can be extremely blah. This cat takes watery gear to a whole new level. We love the chartreuse color and the billowy silhouette. Do they make these in our size?

6. Snug as a pug

Hipster style is that kind of effortless that takes quite a bit of effort to achieve. Take a cue from this pug and don a relaxed beanie that fits right in with the “we don’t care that we’re cool” crowd on campus.

7. Stylish schnauzer

We usually throw on a hoodie when we oversleep for our 8 a.m. class. But in this fitted, striped form we could see ourselves wearing a hoodie and not feeling bad about it. Perhaps with boyfriend jeans and flats?

8. Monkeying around

There are still some skeptical ladies out there who aren’t on board with the overalls trend. This baby monkey should alleviate any remaining worries since he’s totally pulling them off.

9. Pig perfect

Looks like this gal is heading to Coachella! Her tutu and flower crown are on point and have us lusting for festival fashion.

Would you take fashion tips from these cuddly creatures, collegiettes?

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