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13 Signs You’re a Southern Sorority Girl


There is no feeling quite like being in a sorority in the South, where the parties are bigger, the tea is sweeter and the bond you share with sisters will survive more than four years worth of tailgates. 

1. Whenever you’re not wearing Norts and an oversized tee, your sisters ask why you’re so dressed up. 

Automatic confidence boost. 

2. You’re obsessed with Spirit Jerseys®.

They’re an awesome way to show just how much you love your letters.

3. You may be dating someone, but your real boyfriend’s name is Jack Daniels, and you hang out with him on the weekend. 

He likes to get you into a little bit of trouble. 

4. You and your sisters know there is nothing like a greasy Southern breakfast to cure that hangover.

Except for on Sundays. You will always resent your favorite spot for closing on Sundays. 

5. But you’ll never leave the house without a full face of make-up and your hair done. 

Because you’ve been reminded that, “You’re always wearing your letters.”

6. Pastel prints aren't a style statement, they're a lifestyle.

Forever spending all of your money on Carolina Cup-ready dresses. 

7. Your planner is your life because your life is in your planner. 

It’s also pastel print, by the way. 

8. You know that when someone says, “Bless your heart,” she usually isn’t actually blessing you. 

Shade successfully thrown...

9. That being said, you’ve blessed quite a few hearts in your day. 

It’s nicer than saying, “You’re an idiot,” to someone’s face, right?

10. Your Little is your pride and joy, and you never miss the chance to spoil her with awesome crafts and letters. 

She has you to thank for her obsession with Spirit Jerseys®and Pinterest crafts. 

11. Cowboy boots are essential. 

You wouldn’t be caught at a tailgate without them. 

12. Game-day dresses fill approximately half of your closet. 

Because if you’re going to tailgate, you better look d*mn good dancing on the bed of that truck! 

13. You know how to look beautiful, even in that Southern heat and humidity. 

You’re well versed in keeping your hair in line, even when it feels as humid as the rainforest. 

Above all, you know it's crucial to show off your Southern sorority spirit - we bet you two sweet teas you and your sisters will be wearing your letters tomorrow! Need to freshen up your spirit style? Customize your own authentic Spirit Jersey®, or shop their sorority collection to do your sisterhood proud.

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