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What Every Year of College is Like, as Told by Olivia Pope


On April 5, 2012 the world was graced with the presence of the super in-control, super pulled together, and all around superwoman that is Olivia Pope. From fixing the rampant scandals that her clients find themselves involved in to trying to keep her own scandalous love affairs under wraps, she is one of the fiercest women on television. Whenever she struts into a room with that fabulous take-no-prisoners look of hers, we know we are in for a very good Thursday night. In honor of the third anniversary of Scandal and the fourth season of the show, here are the four years of college, as told by Ms. Pope herself.

Freshman Year:

You start your college career with incredible excitement and motivation.

You are also pretty excited at the prospect of making your own rules now that you're not living at home.

Pretty much everybody you meet is someone you immediately decide will be a BFF for life.

...even though you really cannot remember any of their names.

You are fully attentive in class.

You think you have got this whole college thing completely under control and you have no idea why your parents made such a fuss about it!

Then your roommate comes into your room and borrows something without asking and you’re like:

You have to pull your first all-nighter on assignment that you procrastinated on and you begin to regret every decision that led you to that point.

Then you don’t study for your midterms because you didn’t study in high school and you turned out just fine, right?

But once you sit down for exams, you realize you've pretty much forgotten about everything you have ever known.

But you vow that you will turn the semester around and have a strong finish to your freshman year.

Sophomore Year:

You get back to school in the fall and you can’t believe all of the fun things that your friends did without you over the summer.

Then classes start back up and you remember just how much you didn’t enjoy waking up for your 8:30 am lecture class.

You also remember that you weren’t particularly fond of the dining hall either, to say the least.

You want to meet up with your study group... but you also want girl’s night with your friends.

In the end you decide to choose a path that is completely your own which is more likely than not, Netflix.

But you will probably also choose a girl’s night at some point.

And then at some point that study group might sound pretty good, but you’ve been around long enough to know how anything involving a group ultimately works out.

Junior Year:

By junior year you walk around campus like:

You’re not in huge lectures anymore, so you actually have to talk to the professor.

Then, those professors start assigning papers that are more pages than your textbook.

Then you feel cheated when you have to stay in to write your paper instead of going out.

But when you finally do get to go out you know that you completely nailed your look.

And when you get back from a long night out, by junior year, you have come to terms with your food situation.

Senior Year:

You start waking up at the latest possible time to get to your early classes on time.

Senioritis is real and once you're in class you decide to online shop and remember that things cost money and everything you want to buy is basically saying:

Later in the year, you start applying for jobs... and every one requires more experience than you have.

And you feel like everyone is judging you and watching as your college career comes to an end.

But then you realize that the past four years have prepared you for your future and you are totally ready to take on the world!

Embrace your inner OP, collegiettes, you’ve got this!

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