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What to Do When You Have Acne Scars


Acne can be very stressful, and once we find medication or products that help it disappear the world seems manageable again. However, just because the acne has come and gone, doesn't mean our skin looks beautiful and healthy. Sometimes acne, or even zits, can create horrible scaring that leaves us feeling insecure. We want our collegiettes feeling there best and walking wtih confidence, so we've provided a few tips on what to do when you have acne scars.

1. Cortisone cream

If your scar is red or swollen, apply cortisone cream—like Aveeno's Active Naturals Anti-Itch Cream ($4.99) to calm the redness. This will at least help lessen the attention drawen to your skin due to the bright red marks.


2. Drink lots of water

Drink enough water a day to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. It'll help your body take care of itself and slowly heal the skin on its own.


3. Fade cream

Use a fade cream such as L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Dark Spot Correcting & Illuminating Serum Corrector ($19.99) for an affordable option, or SkinMedica Scar Recovery Gel ($93.10) for something higher end. Both products use vitamins and other natual ingredients to repair and brighten the skin.


4. Laser treatment

For more difficult cases of acne scars, laser treament is always an option. Laser skin resurfacing evens out the skin tone and increases the formation of collagen, a building block of the skin.


5. Exfoliate

Using an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and uncover new skin beneath can help with the ridding of acne scars as well. Try to find one that's gentle so it soothes your skin rather than inflames it. Clean and Clear has a great line of exfoliating scrubs; try the Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub ($9.34)... it has a cooling sensation right after use!


6. At-home remedies

There are tons of items from your kitchen that can be used to help reduce acne scars. Lemon juice has natural fading properties, honey helps to soothe and reduce redness, and baking soda can be used as an exfoliator.


7. Prevent scarring

Stay out of the sun to prevent darkening and the slowing of the healing process. Also, the number one rule is to not pick or squeeze zits, period! This leads to more inflammation and injury to your skin which just adds to discoloration and scarring.


Acne scars can be very annoying and frustrating, but getting rid of them takes time and patience. It takes months for collagen to form and for your skin to rejuvenate, so sit tight and keep your hands away from your faces, collegiettes!

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