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'Full House' is About to Get a Lot 'Fuller'


Finally, Netflix has said “You got it, dude!” to a Full House reboot. Sources told TVLine that Netflix is close to ordering a continuation of the early '90s series starring Candace Cameron Bure as D.J. Tanner and Andrea Barber as D.J.’s lifelong BFF Kimmy Gibbler.

While reports are saying John Stamos (Uncle Jesse), Bob Saget (Danny Tanner) and Dave Coulier (Joey) are returning, we can think of a lot of other things we’re hoping to see in the 13-episode return. Michelle Tanner returns!

Yes, we just have to see Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen revive their first role. While this may be little more than a dream, it definitely tops our wish list.

Stephanie Tanner to be there to call out Kimmy when she’s acting up.

This outfit. This dance.

Cameos from our other favorite '90s TV shows. Where is Jaleel White?!

Kimmy and D.J. dressing for a night on the town.

An answer to this eternal question.

D.J. realizing she is GORGEOUS.

Kimmy to be there in a pinch (or not).

A "Wake Up San Francisco" reboot to go along with Fuller House.

Steve (Scott Weinger) all day, every day.

This exact bedroom for D.J. or Kimmy’s daughter.

An update on Kimmy's allergy situation. Is she gluten free?

A Jesse and the Rippers reunion tour...

...with a Michelle cameo.

A continuation of the beautiful love story between Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky.

And, Aunt Becky doing something to result in this:

Makeup lessons from D.J. and Kimmy.

An answer to this question: did Kimmy marry a doctor?

And did Stephanie stay married to this guy?

Danny obsessively cleaning everyone's kitchens.

Joey bringing his catchphrase back.

D.J. giving us an “Oh Mylanta!”

D.J.’s on-point fashion sense (or not).

Information on how the Tanners have continued to tolerate Kimmy for 20+ years.

But even if we don’t get all our wishes, we can still watch little Michelle Tanner sing all day:

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