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17 Signs You're Not Ready to Graduate


If you’re graduating this semester, things are starting to get real. The pressure from family and friends to find a job while finishing out your senior year is insane, and you’re probably ready to pull your hair out. We know how you feel, so we’ve rounded up 17 signs that indicate you’re not ready to graduate. Why? Because college beats everything else.

1. You consider changing your major during your last semester.

2. You think about how you never got the chance to study abroad and think now might be the right time.

3. You stopped doing your required reading months ago.

4. You refuse to order your cap and gown.

5. Writing a two-page paper seems like an impossible task.

6. Your resume hasn’t been updated since you quit your last part-time job.

7. You find yourself mindlessly browsing the course catalog like you’re picking out classes for next semester.Reality check: They won't let you come back.

8. You keep trying to hit on the campus cutie you’ve liked for the past four years. Just one more time.

9. You tell everyone you’re job hunting, but you’re really watching Shark Tank.

10. You signed up for an appointment with your advisor even though it wasn’t required. Desperate for guidance, much?

11. You’re still confused about what a cover letter is.

12. You walk to class as slowly as a turtle so you can take mental pictures of your beautiful campus.

13. You’re in denial that your friends are moving away.

14. You blew all your savings on Target runs and Mexican food.

15. Your mind keeps making summer plans even though you’ll probably be working like a real adult for the first time.

16. You’re picking up as many shifts as possible at your on-campus job... But you're also spending that extra cash on alcohol, of course.

17. And you know there's that one song that no one is allowed to play...

Too bad you're already listening to it on repeat. At least, now you are. *Cue tears*

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