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25 Reasons It's Okay to Stay In Tonight


Beloved musician Tom Petty once gave this timeless advice to college students: “Stay out late… Spend money you don’t have. Drink ’til sunrise. The work never ends, but college does.” That serves as quite a little nugget of inspiration for nights we can’t wait to go out, but it makes missing one moment of socializing sound like the worst tragedy since Antony and Cleopatra. In reality, sometimes the better choice is to stay in. Want proof? Here are Her Campus’s 25 reasons you’re allowed to skip the occasional night out. The Roman gods won’t smite you, we promise.

First, take a look at some things you could do instead...

sleeping girl in bed resting asleep

1. Catch up on sleep.
The New York Times reports that even one good night’s sleep can help you focus, keep off excess fat and even appear more attractive the next day. Sounds a lot better than falling asleep mid-DFMO, right?

2. Watch your favorite TV shows or catch up on all those new releases you've been eyeing on Netflix!

3. Cure your homesickness by taking a virtual trip home — look over high school pics, Skype your best friend and call your parents.

4. Read the most recent of Her Campus’s fabulous articles! You’re off to an excellent start.

5. Now that your roommate’s gone for a few hours,practice your moves like Jagger.

Staying in is a way to treat yourself...

6. You’re finally taking a break from cheap beer. Both your taste buds and your dignity will thank you.

7. Your immune system won’t have to take the beating it usually does by being in crowded spaces like the dance floor. Don’t buy it? Here’s another fun fact from good ole Web MD: the virus that causes mono can hang out in your saliva for up to 18 months after you stop having symptoms. Aren’t you glad you’re not sharing a drink with anyone but yourself tonight?

8. It’s easier on your wallet. Alcohol and snacks — whether in your dorm or at the bar — usually rack up the bill. A night in means more money to spend on other stuff, like that dress you’ve had your eye on or the spring break trip you’ve been saving up for.

9. It’s better for your skin. Think about all that sweat, paint, makeup (and slobber?) you sometimes “forget” to wash off after a night out.

10. You can make yourself truly edible food, rather than ordering greasy pizza at 2 a.m.

And your style-conscious side will thank you, too...

11. You won’t get stains on your pretty new dress from something frustratingly invincible, like wine, ketchup, sweat, or… uh what is that?

12. No need to stress over picking out a new outfit… unless, of course, you’re shopping online.

13. This will give your hair a break from the quick-wash, blow-dry, flat-iron combo. It was starting to feel like the beginning of a shampoo commercial.

14. No painful blisters from those heels.

15. You won’t be worrying about a wardrobe malfunction worthy of a panicked “Remove tag! REMOVE TAG!” come Sunday.

Plus, you’re doing the people around you a favor...

drunk texting

16. No drinking means no drubnk texting youR ex!

17. The new guy you’ve been seeing will be wondering where you are, you elusive seductress, you.

18. You and your best friends will get some much-needed space from one another, which is sure to make the next night out better and drama-free.

19. That creepy fifth-year senior can’t hit on someone who isn’t there!

20. You won’t run into your professor, his wife and their kids on your walk home… barefoot, on the side of the road, with messy hair, at seven in the morning.

Get it yet?
Just in case you still need convincing, here are five more reasons to stay in some nights....

21. You’ve always wanted to learn how to juggle. No, I didn’t read your diary; everyone wants to learn how to juggle. Now’s your chance.

22. The gym will be virtually empty at this hour, if you want to squeeze in a late-night workout. No Zumba® classes scheduled for 11 p.m.? No problem! See number 8.

23. The music in the room won’t be too soft or too loud… because you get to be DJ.

24. You won’t have to retrace your steps from the soccer fields to the library looking for your lost phone, wallet or jacket tomorrow, because you’ll know exactly where you left everything last night.

25. Because there’s another Friday (or Thursday, or Saturday, or Wednesday) night scheduled for next week. Calm down.

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