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7 Signs You Survived Massachusetts Winter


This winter Boston broke its snowfall record with a whopping 108.6 inches. The snow came with temperatures in the negatives as well as bitter winds, begging all of us Bostonians to ask the question: Are we in Massachusetts, or are we north of the Wall? Keep reading for signs that you successfully braved it through these crazy past couple of months:

1. 36-degree weather feels like summer to you.

*Tans outside in bikini and snow boots*

2. Your shoes are permanently white from all of the salt covering them.

Eh, just an excuse to go shopping. Now that you've emerged from hibernation, of course.

3. You've had to attend Saturday class for the first time ever because of the unreal amount of snow days you've had. 

Just kidding, you didn't go.

4. You're an expert at detecting black ice and tip-toeing across it safely.

Most of the time, anyways.

5. You've tried to climb over a six-foot-high snow bank, tripped over it, fell, got up and looked around to make sure that no one saw you. 

Just smooth down your hair and walk briskly away.

6. You've become an expert at stocking up for impromptu blizzards.

Annie's mac and cheese? Check. Cookie butter? Check. 10 boxes of pizza rolls? Check. Bottle of wine? Check. Back-up bottle of wine? Double check.

7. And hot chocolate with amaretto is your new drink of choice. 
Who needs wine? Okay, we do. We need wine.

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