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50 Things Every Girl Should Be Able to Say to Her Hook-Up


Hookups can be one of the best kinds of relationships, especially in college. You get all the perks of having a steady someone to get with and cuddle at night without the pressures of being in a committed relationship. And since you both have seen each other naked - or at least, pretty close - there's really no point in holding back. Like, at all. Here are 50 things every girl should be able to say to her hook-up:

1. Did I leave a blue thong at your place?

2. You’re annoying me.

3. I like that shirt.

4. I hate that shirt.

5. Take your shirt off.

6. Do these pants make my butt look big?

7. I like it when you ______.

8. Come cuddle with me.

9. Can you sleep on the couch? You keep snoring.

10. What’s for breakfast?

11. Can you keep doing what you’re doing, only better?

12. Let’s try ______.

13. Do not put that in there. Ever. Unless I change my mind.

14. Can you brush your teeth first?

15. Come over, I’m horny.

16. I’m not in the mood tonight. Let's watch Netflix.

17. Can I borrow a sweatshirt?

18. And some toothpaste?

19. And your deodorant?

20. You look so hot with a little scruff.

21. Your stubble is stabbing my face.

22. Does I have a double chin from this angle?

23. Text me back.

24. But seriously, can we watch Netflix?

25. I’m happy for you that you finished and all, but I’m not done yet.

26. What are the chances you’d like to return the favor?

27. F*ck, marry, kill: *insert three of your friends' names*

28. There’s something in your teeth.

29. Can we steal one of your roommate’s condoms?

30. I didn’t shave my legs, and you're going to be okay with that.

31. Does my left boob look bigger than my right boob?

32. I’m on my period.

33. What does a boner feel like?

34. Ew, I need to shower.

35. Wanna take a shower together?

36. I’m all about snuggling and all, but I can’t breathe over here.

37. Will you drive me home?

38. Do you and your roommates just not believe in buying toilet paper?

39. Play with my hair.

40. Let’s get food. Like wings. And/or pizza.

41. Did you just fart?

42. We’re not being exclusive, right?

43. You can sleep over if you want, but my room looks like it imploded and I don’t plan on cleaning it.

44. Don’t cut your hair. Please do not cut your hair.

45. Should I get my hair cut or nah?

46. Do your roommates hate me?

47. I just burped. Pass me another beer please?

48. Your friend is hot.

49. Spot my cover and I’ll buy you a shot.

50. You can kiss me. Now.

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