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7 Campus Cuties Who Can't Live Without Coffee


From winning Emerson’s drag queen competition to being a YouTube sensation (check out his channel darpenter!), Darian is definitely going places. Learn more about the EmCeleb below!

School: Emerson

Major: Film Production

Year of Graduation: 2015

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Relationship Status: In a Relationship

Hometown: Berkley, MA

Why did you come to Emerson? I saw Emerson as the best opportunity for me to learn and thrive with goals I had in mind.

Biggest turn-on: Smirks

Celebrity Crushes: Darren Criss and Logan Lerhman

Are you a hook-up or relationship kind of guy? Relationship kind of guy

A day you want to relive: I haven't had a day yet that I would 100% want to relive

If you could switch lives with anyone for the day, you would switch with: The members of One Direction

Three words to describe yourself: Creative, Positive, Loving

Favorite place on campus and in Boston: Cafe's, any cafe where i can sit and do work with a coffee in hand

What better coping mechanism for exam period is there than a brand new campus cutie to take our minds off things? Meet Geoff, a U3 English student and music aficionado with a quick wit and a borderline-unhealthy appreciation for Owen Wilson movies. P.S. He’s also in a band. So read on all about him, and happy holidays, collegiettes!

School: McGill

Name: Geoff Abbot

Program & year of study: U3 English 

Favourite course ever taken at McGill: MUAR 393, Intro to Jazz. Dave Laing is as handsome as he is cunning.

Talent completely outside of your field of study: There's a tie here. I make doughnuts that would make Paula Dean quit cooking, and I am the (unofficial) champion of O.C. Trivia. 

How do you feel about being a campus cutie? I feel honored. To be up here with all these great, cute individuals. There're some campus legends on this site and I'm just happy to get to share the stage.

Extracurricular activities: I play bass in the best band in Montreal - The Fiscal Wolverines. I also lead a team that rescues dogs trapped in trees all around Montreal.

Relationship status: Purchased.

3 things you look for in a girl: 1) Appreciates medieval literature 2) Fluent in Elvish and Klingon 3) Decent-to-good plumbing skills

Current band of choice: Nomadic Massive. They're Montreal's Wu Tang, except just a wee bit better.

Favourite Montreal restaurant: Hands down La Garde Manger

Most memorable experience this year (or ever): I got a knuckle touch from Chuck Hughes on my flight to school this year, and I haven't showered since.

Dream vacation: Sex trip to Jurassic Park with Angela Merkel.

Ideal job: Owen Wilson body double

90's trend you miss the most: Pretty much everything – comic-book TV shows, Big Shiny Tunes, Will Smith being cool.

Most baffling female fashion trend: G-strings - looks super uncomfy!

Lightning round

Relationship or bromance: Same thing
Bixi or Metro: Metro
Coffee or tea: Coffee
Late nights or early mornings: Early mornings
Dog or cat: Dog (Durr)
Bungee jump or skydive: Neither, that s*** scares the bejesus out of me
Facebook or twitter: Tweeta
New MyCourses or old MyCourses: No MyCourses

Alex Romeo, a Junior Advertising Major who loves to read, is off to Europe this month for a semester abroad. Here at SU, Alex has quite the courseload with not only a demanding major, but also two minors: Marketing and Psychology. Read on to learn more about Alex's plans for next semester and the future! 

School: Syracuse

HC: If you could create and/or teach any elective course at SU, what would it be?

Alex: I think it would have to be some sort of class that would discuss the negative impact of our industrialized society in a global context.

HC: Major and practicality aside what is your dream job?

Alex: The head of communications for the World Wildlife Fund.

HC: What is the most valuable thing you have learned so far in college that didn’t come from a professor or a textbook?

Alex: As much as every school emphasizes the importance of achieving high grades and getting a job, they aren’t necessarily the most important things in the world.

HC: Name three things that you can’t live without!

Alex: Sadly, my phone.  Also something to read and coffee. 

HC:You are studying abroad next semester: what are you most looking forward to, and why did you choose London?

Alex: I’m looking forward to simply seeing as much as possible while I’m over there. I’m a pretty big history nerd, so I’m always going to want to go somewhere else and see something new. I chose London because England is an area in Europe that I’ve always really wanted to see. 

HC: Have you been practicing your British accent?

Alex: I probably have the worst British accent in the world (haha)!

HC: What was your favorite course you have taken so far at Syracuse?

Alex: The Age of Hitler and Stalin...Taught by a really great professor, Michael Ebner.

Basic Facts

School: U Maine
Name:  Cameron Campbell
Nickname:  Cam
Hometown: South China, Maine
Relationship Status: Married to the gym
Sign:  Cancer

Campus Life
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Favorite thing about UMaine:  Food. There’s a lot of food.
Favorite place to eat in Orono: Margaritas
Best Class: Peace Studies
Worst Class: Thermodynamics

Best Professor: Gkisedtanamoogk
How do you like to spend your weekends here:  hangout, gym, go to Hip-Hop club

Campus Posse: Patrick Hapworth, Blake Laliberte

What is on your ipod's top rated: “Don’t Let Me Fall” – B.O.B

 Boxers or Briefs: Boxers
An embarrassing confession: I still like leggos
Ski or Snowboard: Ski
Salty or Sweet:  Salty
Dream job: Robotics engineer subcontracted by the military
Biggest Pet Peeve: Lying
Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Ice Coffee
Three words to describe yourself: happy, outgoing, athletic

Favorite Barstool Segment: What’s barstool?
Favorite Quote: “Conquer” by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Favorite song to dance to at a party: Thrift Shop
Favorite food: Oranges
Favorite sports team(s): Alabama Football
Favorite App (game or otherwise): Pandora

The Nitty Gritty   
Craziest place you've ever had sex: Waiting until marriage, ladies.
How do you let someone know you're interested in them: “Hey, wanna go to the gym”?
What do you look for in a girl: If she is genuine and nice. She has to be family oriented.
Deal-breaker: Lying
Celebrity Man-Crush: Tim Tebow

School: Bucknell

Name: JT Engels

Hometown: Marlboro, New Jersey

Major: Accounting and Financial Management

Class Year: 2015

The Basics:

  • Favorite book: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, it’s an American classic
  • Favorite Movie: I can watch Despicable Me or Zoolander any day of the week.
  • Favorite Store: H&M for clothes. I also can’t go a day without coffee, so I have to go with Dunkin’
  • Most Played Song on your iPod: The Other Side by Jason Derulo
  • Favorite Class at Bucknell: MGMT 101 with Professor Hiller
  • Campus Activities: MGMT 101 TA, Orientation Assistant, Chi Phi House Manager
  • Campus Posse: Chi Phi Brothers, my O-Fam, my Carey House Fam, and Brett Walter
  • General Interests: Music, singing, guitar, piano, going to the gym, playing softball and golf, hanging out with friends
  • Little Known Fact: I have a third degree black belt in Taekwondo

Girls, Girls, Girls:

  • Relationship: Nope
  • What do you look for in a girl: I love a girl who’s outgoing, energetic, and not afraid to be herself. A girl that’s caring, loving, and loyal. I also really love a nice smile and nice eyes.
  • Female turnoff: Self-centered, disloyal, dishonest
  • Celebrity Crush: Jennifer Aniston

Best of the Rest:

  • Proudest Accomplishment: Winning the Shuttle Hurdle Relay event in both the indoor and outdoor national track and field championships during my senior year of high school.
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years: I see myself happily married with kids and a dog. Living in a nice home and having a successful career. I’ll still be loving life and singing in the shower.
  • 3 words to describe yourself: Loving, Laid-Back, Dreamer

I was lucky enough to score an exclusive interview with Auburn’s very own, Weston Jezek. He’s single ladies, so watch out.  

School: Auburn

Grade: Freshman 

Major: Physics 

Fraternity: Delta Sigma Phi 

Hometown: Austin, Texas 

Favorite candy: Hersey’s Kisses 

Favorite TV show: How I Met Your Mother 

Boxers or Briefs?: “Boxers for sure.”

Celebrity Crush: Rachel McAdams

Favorite Spot in Auburn: “Outside of Starbucks in the student center. I like to go there before class, get a coffee, and read over my notes.”

Ideal Date: “I would pick her up at seven sharp, to show that I am punctual and thoughtful. Then, I would take her to Opie’s  BBQ in Spicewood, Texas. I would order ribs for her to see how comfortable she was around me. Hopefully, she can handle the ribs so we can continue the date, and then I would then take her swing dancing at the Broken Spoke Dance Hall to show her my moves.” 

 First thing noticed on a girl: “The first thing I notice is how a girl feels about herself.” 

Favorite thing a girl wears: “A sun dress and flip flops. I can’t stand Chacos, nike shorts, and big T-shirts. I love women that take time to make themselves look nice, and not like they just rolled out of bed. 

Favorite outdoor activity: Wakeboarding 

School: ASU

Name: Tony Perez

Year: Junior

Major/minor: BS Sustainability, BS Earth & Space Exploration, Minor Sociology, Minor GIS

Hometown: Tempe!

Relationship status: Single

Why did you choose that major?

Honestly, I went into the sustainability program not knowing much about it. I changed my major three times in my first year of college. I saw sustainability and hoped it would he the fit that I had been looking for. Fortunately, it was. I love learning about how society, the economy, and the environment work together. I also have a large interest in renewable energy.

Is there anything you want to do before graduating?

I want to get involved. I’m not exactly sure how and when I will do it with my already busy schedule, but I don’t want to leave college without being able to say I was an active member of an awesome club or something that made a difference.

What’s your biggest accomplishment so far?

I would have to say that my biggest accomplishment so far in life is getting my internship working for Salt River Project (SRP). I have been immersed in a corporate world where I’ve already gained so much valuable experience.

Describe your ideal first date:

I’m a pretty simple guy, really. I enjoy relaxing walks or a quiet dinner with casual conversation. I like to make sure things are comfortable and not awkward.

What’s your biggest turn off in a romantic partner?
Poor hygiene. I’m sure many people would have the same answer. But, I put effort into making sure I’m clean, and I think a romantic partner should do the same. If a guy doesn’t take care of himself, it’s a big turn off.

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

I don’t necessarily have "hobbies." But I enjoy many things, including running, watching movies, and having coffee or ice cream with my dearest friends. I also enjoy taking naps. Lots of naps.

Favorite TV shows?

My favorite past TV shows were Lost and Heroes. I loved the complexity of Lost and how it constantly had me on edge. I found Heroes to be an all around cool show. Humans with special abilities is always a fascinating form of TV entertainment. Currently, I’m pretty hooked on Once Upon a Time and Pretty Little Liars. I like many different types of shows, and I am always interested in starting a new series with someone.

Favorite movies?

That’s such a tough question, but I love all movies with Jennifer Lawrence of course. Titanic, Rent, Seven Pounds, Cloud Atlas, The Good Son, and Avatar are some of my favorites off the top of my head. In all, I love watching action/thrillers, drama, and sci-fi movies.

Favorite food?

Pasta. I love how many different varieties there are. Specifically, I love my chicken alfredo with linguini pasta. Pizza is also my favorite. You can’t go wrong with pizza. You just can’t.

Guilty pleasure?

Singing along to my favorite Disney musicals. I won’t elaborate.

Celebrity crushes?

Male: Liam Hemsworth, Matt Dallas, Taylor Lautner, Chris Pine

Female: Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez, Olivia Munn, Lucy Hale

Describe yourself in three words:

Quirky, kind, driven

Do you have a favorite pick-up line?

Hmm. I obviously don’t use any, but I love, “Are you wearing space pants? Because that ass is out of this world,” makes me laugh, always.

If you could take someone out to dinner, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

I would have to choose Demi Lovato. She is has a very interesting life. She’s gone through so much and has made her life viewable to her fans in the hopes of helping those who may have gone through the same struggles as her. She’s strong and driven, and I would love to take her out and learn more about her. Also, I’m a huge fan.

Do you have a weird talent? Or perhaps an interesting fact about yourself?

I’m not sure if this is a weird talent or an interesting fact, but I imitate a lot of people, mostly my friends. I can usually make good impressions of them. I attribute it to me being very observant of people and their demeanor. I do imitations just for fun.

What would be your ideal superpower?

I’ve always wanted telekinetic powers- Or be able to control objects with my mind. You really can do anything with this ability. I’d use it to satisfy my laziness.

Is there’s anything you’d like to add?

Everything I am doing is for my immediate family. Every decision I’ve made and every goal I have set is so that I can, one day, provide for my family in a way that will make their life easier.

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