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18 Things No One Ever Told Us About College


Ask any former student about what college is like, and he or she is sure to fire off the basics about purchasing textbooks, attending office hours and doing assigned readings. But there are just some things that never really seem to come up—things that go beyond academics. Here are 18 things we wish someone would have told us - because we like to call 'em as we see 'em.

1. The housing selection process will pretty much be equivalent to the Hunger Games

Save yourself and trust NO ONE if you expect to get good housing! May the odds be ever in your favor.

2. Bank on having an 8 a.m. lecture at least once

Your advisor tells you that all slots are filled and you have no choice but to take that open seat in that 8 a.m. lecture.

3. Your first roommates probably won't be your college besties

In fact, don’t be surprised if they start to drive you crazier than the siblings you left back home.

4. College guys are just as complicated as high school boys

They may be older, and perhaps more mature (debatable?), but they still make zero sense.

5. Getting a package in the mail will feel like Christmas! No matter what it is

That instant high you feel when you read that email notification saying you have mail to pick up.

6. More partying happens on a Thursday than on the weekend

It’s as if parties go harder and drinks taste better when you know you have to head to class in the morning. College students are unreasonable creatures, and we can't explain this.

7. The ‘broke’ college student lifestyle is not as poor as real-world poor

Somehow you still manage to have money to go out every weekend despite crying "broke." But good luck trying to do that post-graduation, on top of groceries, rent, utilities and more!

8. You’re likely to do your best work at 2 a.m. or later

Couldn’t come up with anything all week to write for that 10-page paper due tomorrow? Just wait until three hours before deadline hits! Instant inspiration!

9. If you didn’t already, you will develop a coffee dependency

You may have a slight problem if you spend more time in line at Starbucks than you do with your significant other. Consider reevaluating your choices.

10. Maintaining friendships will actually take effort

You’ll say you haven’t caught up with your buds because you’ve been studying, applying for internships and attending meetings, but really…

11. Pre-reqs and intro courses will feel like high school classes all over again, but with more readings and a grade comprised of two exams. #boring

"No, no professor, I wasn’t asleep…"

12. You’ll bring 15 pairs of shoes and end up wearing the same three pairs for nine months

Four years of college later, you probably still don't know how to pack effectively.

13. Study sessions with your friends never work out. Ever.

You guys will definitely get a lot of reading done… It’s just likely to be funny articles and Facebook posts. 

14. You’ll probably need to brush up on your wines

Suddenly everyone becomes wine connoisseurs and is obsessed with drinking it - even if it's a $6 bottle.

15. You will be able to go days without a real, honest-to-goodness meal

Red Bull and Oreos count as dinner, right?

16. You should exercise!

Besides avoiding the Freshman 15, you'll want to enjoy the free gym membership while you can! Because post-graduation…

17. You’ll call home all the time, despite initially claiming you wouldn’t

This weird thing happens where you actually want to call your parents and tell them what exciting things are going on with you.

18. It may seem as if everyone only cares about partying and having a good time, but pretty much EVERYONE is in it to win it

After all, we’re all aiming for success! You know, after we're done raging on Thursdays.

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