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11 Throwback Fashions You Wish You Could Pull Off


Between the questionable fashion choices we made and kitschy slang we used (admit it, you used "boo ya" on a regular basis), the 1990s and early 2000s were ...interesting. Here's a look back on some of the fashions we embraced - or at least tried to!

1. Old-school jeans

Even President Obama rocks this type of jean better than we could or ever will... sigh.

2. Gaucho pants

To the most awkward-looking pants in the universe: you were actually quite comfy.

3. Puka shell necklace

Unfortunately, wearing one of these didn't guarantee you a laid-back California look. Rather, it was more of an I'm-wearing-what-looks-like-teeth look.

4. Ties as belts

On second thought, this menswear-inspired look was hard to pull off all together. Do we even want to go back down this road? (Also, note the pinstriped gaucho pants pairing.)

5. Trucker hats

Backward, forwards? What about the brim: flat or bent? Too many decisions to be made!

6. Large chunky belts

Admit it, you had one! Thankfully, we've seen better fashion days (and so has Rachel).

7. Neon-colored hair clips

Your mother finally caved and bought you one of these as you were on the verge of a fit in Claire's Accessories.

8. Rimless sunglasses

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, making unrealistic fashion (and life) goals for tweens since 1998. 

9. Steve Madden platform sandals

This was actually the most comfortable shoe ever. They were called slides for a reason; your foot simply slid into the beacon of comfort. If only they looked cute.

10. Pointed-toe pumps

Otherwise known as the toe-squashers.

11. Asymmetrical skirts

This stretchy staple was kind of like a sarong that looked like it was going to fall off at any moment. We're sure that sometimes, it did.

Dare you to try pulling these off again!

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