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9 Ways Your Pet is Actually Your Significant Other


"Woman's best friend" doesn't even begin to cover how you really feel about your beloved pup, and the constant Instagrams of your adorable cat are beginning to make your friends and family a bit uneasy. No one understands you or loves you quite as unconditionally as your pets do (and vice versa). If these or any of the following statements apply to you, then there's a very real chance that your pet is actually your significant other. 

1. You sleep together. 

Whether your kitten curls up to snooze at the foot of your bed or you like to spoon with your dog all night long, if your pet is your cuddle buddy, that's the first sign that you're in a Relationship with a capital R. 

2. They kiss you. Often.

If you've ever crouched down to your beloved furry friend and said something along the lines of, "Give mommy kisses!" or if you can imagine what your pet's tongue feels like at this very moment, then this one definitely applies to you.

3. You have cute nicknames for them and you can usually be found cooing them in their direction. 

When you first got your pet, you named them. But since that moment, you've come up with about fifteen different nicknames associated with that name. So that animal who used to simply be called "Fluffy" is now known as "Fluffer Nutter,""Sir Fluffykins,""Fluff 'n' Stuff" and a dozen more names that are typically accompanied by lots of kissy noises.

4. You like to surprise them with their favorite meal. 

You give them their normal meals on the reg, but you like to go out of your way to get a super special meal for them once in a while. Whether it's fresh salmon for your kitty or some grilled chicken for your pup, you like to give them a little treat to remind them how much you love them. 

5. They are always so happy and excited to see you. 

Whether you've been gone for weeks or you just made a quick run to the grocery store, they're always smiling and ready to cover you with kisses and love the moment you walk back through the door. No one else makes you feel that at home! 

6. You talk to them about absolutely everything. 

When you come home, you tell them all about your day. If you're having a problem, they listen to you talk your way through it. No doubt about it, your pet is the absolute best listener - and sometimes, you can even tell what they're saying back to you.

7. You've said those three little words to them (more times than you can count!), and you know they feel the same way. 

Sometimes you just have to gather up all of your courage and tell somebody how you really feel - and in the case of your beloved pet, that took you about three seconds after meeting and holding them for the first time. You tell your pet you love them constantly, and you can tell by the look in their eyes that they love you, too.

8. They are in about half of your social media posts, if not more. 

They inspire hundreds of your Instagrams, Tweets and Facebook posts with their perfect, furry little face. You can't help it - you Snapchat them to everyone in your phone and you even consider uploading pics of them to Pinterest to add to your "Cute Animals" board.

9. They're your favorite hello and your hardest goodbye. 

But seriously, that whole goodbye thing is brutal. They know when you're leaving and they follow you all the way to the door, giving you sad eyes and trying to pursuade you to stay. "Don't worry," you tell them in your most reassuring voice. "I'll be back soon, I promise." 

And it's true - you'll always come back, if only to see their beautiful face again and cuddle them into oblivion. 

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