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8 Reasons Why Four is the Perfect Guy


Trying to think of qualities that make up your ideal man is totally easy, right? The reason why we have such high expectations in life is because of fictional characters like Four from the "Divergent" series - the kind of guy whom no man could ever match. He's gorgeous, funny, sweet.... and about a thousand other things that make us melt. Basically, he's perfect; here's why:

1. He’s (almost) fearless.

Tobias Eaton got the nickname ‘Four’ because he only has four fears - how many fears do you have? Spiders, heights, tight spaces, public speaking, birds, that creepy neighbor who could’ve starred in Disturbia… the list can go on and on. Four is virtually afraid of nothing, which makes us feel all hot and bothered...

2. He's chivalrous.

How many girls can say a guy quite literally faced his fear of heights by climbing up to the top of a broken down Ferris wheel to make sure she was safe? And even though his arms were probably like Jell-O and his heart was racing, he made sure you got up and back down safely. Chivalry lives!

3. He’s protective in that cute way. 

Even though you can take care of yourself just fine, there are few things better than a guy who will fight for you, right? Four is that guy. He’ll destroy three masked men who are trying to throw you into the chasm and then let you sleep in his bed while he takes the floor just to keep you safe. He'll even lend you his sweater! Swoon.

4. He has a fully functioning brain and knows how to use it.

There's something attractive about a guy who can monitor the control room of an entire city while simultaneously investigating Erudite's plan to use a zombie-like serum on the toughest faction in the city. It's casual, though.

5. Life hasn't always gone his way, and it makes him 10x hotter that he's just waiting for you to save him. 

What is it with bad boys and our ~*~need~*~ to change them? Or save them? We never stood a chance against Four's tattoos.

6. His, um, appearance...

If you can watch Four's big tattoo and hot bod reveal scene without drooling, you're doing it wrong. Those strong, muscular arms, broad shoulders, perfectly tanned skin, hard jaw line….

7. His low-key sarcasm.

Four has a pretty serious life. You don’t expect a guy like that to really have a great sense of humor, but he comes out with some pretty good one-liners that make you LOL. He's basically a bad-ass Ken doll with a great personality underneath that shiny, perfect exterior.

8. He’s totally respectful.


What could possibly top the moment when Tris and Four finally kissed and made our hearts stop? The moment when she whispered, “I don’t want to go too fast,” and he completely, 100 percent understood. Way to show 'em how it's done, Four.

Whether he's giving you sass in the cafeteria or kissing you like it's your last, a guy like Four is perfection. What are the three little words we're all dying to hear? Nope, not "I love you." Try, "Welcome to Dauntless." We see, you, Four.

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