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The 21 Stages of Dealing with Zayn Malik Leaving One Direction


March 25, 2015 will go down in history as a very dark day for Directioners, especially for Zayn girls. On this day, Zayn Malik formally quit One Direction after five years with the band. Here are the stages we're dealing with, from denial to acceptance (we will get there at some point, maybe).

If you follow One Direction news at all, you know that last week, pictures surfaced of Zayn with a girl who was totally not his fiancé and things did not look good.

Following the pictures, Zayn announced that he was taking a break from the tour.

If you’re an English major you would refer to this as foreshadowing of today’s events.

Then today your friends texted saying that Zayn quit the band and you were like:

If they were true fans they would know that was last week’s news and he is just on a break, duh.

But as you kept getting texts asking you how you felt about the situation you decided to humor them.

Obviously they don’t know how to read and it’s up to you to be the resident Directioner and set the record straight.

Then you read the first headline: “Zayn Malik Quits 1D.”

The tabloids clearly don’t know what they are talking about either, it’s a BREAK people!

But then you see a link to the official 1D Facebook page with the same headline...

You read the statement, but cannot seem to grasp the concept of a four person band.

You're confused. How can this be happening, it was just a break!

In hindsight we probably should have learned from Ross and Rachel that breaks really never work out.

You call your fellow Directioner friends and check your social media accounts because the 1D family really comes together at times like these.

After scrolling through your feeds for a minimum of half an hour, it is evident that this is not 1D’s idea of an early April Fool’s Joke.

This is when we all wished their song "Tell Me a Lie" was accurate.

So naturally at this point, the mental breakdown begins because Zayn definitely told us One Direction was going to be together forever.

Who is going to be the band’s resident mysterious, gorgeous bad boy?

And give us male model realness on every red carpet?

And flash that adorable smile of his ?

And bite his lip so much that we question our sanity?

And hit every high note with a flawlessness that we did not believe to be humanly possible?

No one, that’s who!

At this point you are more than likely inconsolable and probably have informed your parents that you will no longer be attending classes.

If Zayn is quitting the band, what’s even keeping you in college anymore?

Your friends and family try to remind you that if you love him you will ultimately want what’s best for him.

However, you are not having any of that because obviously what is best for him is to be performing with four of his best friends.

You ask yourself why in the world would he want to be a “normal 22-year-old”?

What does that even mean, Zayn?!

You realize that even though there won’t be any more concerts or albums with Zayn, you still have all the good times to look back on.

And let’s face it, if you are this upset you probably already have every 1D thing ever made to console you.

If you have a concert ticket for their current tour you are probably slightly hysterical about missing out on the magic of 5/5.

But, we knew someone had to be the first to say goodbye.

We just really hoped it wouldn’t be Zayn.

We will miss all of the little things that we love about Zayn, but true Directioners will never forget what makes him a beautiful and irreplaceable member of 1D. Zayn, you will always light up our world like nobody else !

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