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The 7 Best Outfits Mindy Wore This Season on 'The Mindy Project'


Mindy Kaling is everything that we want to be: smart, funny, powerful and beautiful. Her character on The Mindy Project, Mindy Lahiri, has all of the same qualities plus one more that we're drooling over: a killer wardrobe.

Regardless of the episode or what personal crisis she's going through, Dr. L always manages to look equal parts quirky and sexy. Here are a few of the absolute best outfits that she wore during the third season of The Mindy Project!

1. The waist-enhancing, sparkly, green cocktail dress we all wish we had

And look at those gorgeous crystal earrings! Our jaws dropped when she walked into the office in this little number.

2. This pencil skirt covered in neon yellow daisies

She basically revolutionized the meaning of "business casual." 

3. Her teal plaid shirt and pleated polka dot skirt

Mindy Lahiri makes mixing patterns seem like an art form. Not to mention accessorizing—take a look at that glitzy waist-cinching belt and those gorgeous earrings!

4. This sunny, modern twist on an LBD

Yellow is so her color—and look how she matches her earrings and ring to subtly play it up through the rest of her ensemble!

5. The floral dress that got us excited for spring to (finally) arrive

Pairing it with a pink purse for a pop of color was the perfect choice.

6. Who needs a little black dress when you have a little red dress? 

Dr. Lahiri manages to pull a plaid look off even better than Cher Horowitz did. Add the edge of the red leather jacket and the little black crossbody bag, and you've got a look that screams "street chic." 

7. This yellow trenchcoat that could brighten even cloudiest day

Everybody needs to keep a neutral trenchcoat in their closet... but Mindy is definitely making the case for a bright yellow one, too.

Lesson learned: The next time that you're struggling to figure out what to wear, just ask yourself, "What would Mindy do?"

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