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Disney Princess Life vs. Real Life


Let’s be real, we all wanted to grow up to be Disney Princesses. The beautiful dresses, the huge castles… not to mention a handsome Prince Charming to live happily ever after with! It’s easy to get our hopes up with all of the expectations that Disney sets. Too bad our realities are slightly different from those of animated princesses...

Princess Life: Waking up and getting ready is effortless. Those woodland creatures are just so helpful!

Reality: No number of cute animals will make you on time for your 8 a.m. class or fix your bed head.

Princess Life: Living in a castle with a beautiful, spacious room is a given.

Reality: Gotta love your eight-by-eight square-foot shoebox that you share with a roommate. #dormlife

Princess Life: True love at first sight is a real thing. Happens all the time.

Reality: Does a drunken hookup at a bar count?

Princess Life: Sure, you may have to kiss a frog, but he'll totally turn into the man of your dreams shortly afterwards.

Reality: Five frat bros later, you're starting to believe you're doomed to kissing frogs forever.

Princess Life: Bad hair days never exist because your locks look flawless no matter what the conditions are.

Reality: Thank goodness for dry shampoo because your second-day hair is looking like a greasy hot mess. Hat day anyone?

Princess Life: You lose a shoe? Your prince will use it to find you and marry you.

Reality: You lose a shoe? Girl, go home, you’re drunk.

Princess Life: If you just love someone enough, he or she'll turn from a horrible beast into Prince Charming. People really can change.

Reality: Nope, he’s still an assh*le.

Princess Life: Finding the perfect dress is easy! Then you find a prince at the ball and all your dreams come true.

Reality: It takes hours to find a mediocre outfit that you end up spilling your drink on anyways. Your only true dream is pizza at the end of the night.

Princess Life: Princes will search far and wide, face danger and devote all their time to find their one true love.

Reality: Receiving a text from your crush before 11 p.m. is considered a win.

Princess Life: In the end, the bad guys always lose and the princess ends up on top.

Reality: Frenemies always exist. That girl who really annoys you will always really annoy you.

Princess Life: Your Prince Charming will arrive on horseback and sweep you away to live happily ever after.

Reality: Swiping right on Tinder is basically the closest thing you have to a date.

Princess Life: But hey, at least you always have magic to make life that much more special.

Reality: JK, but you totally have Nutella and that's WAY better.

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