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The 17 Stages of Online Shopping


There’s nothing like a little retail therapy—especially when it includes kicking back and shopping online in your pajamas. Shopaholics everywhere, rejoice as we break down the 17 stages of online shopping that we’ve all been through. Oh, but is it worth it!

1. You’re bored out of your mind, so you decide to casually browse your favorite shopping sites.

Definitely more fun than studying.

2. You’re pleasantly surprised by how many things you’re loving. If you don’t buy it, someone else will, right?

You never knew you could be this in love with overalls.

3. You add a million things to your shopping cart and then realize that the total price is outrageous.

Oh no.

4. You tirelessly search for a coupon.

Do discounts still exist? And if so, where are they hiding?

5. You’ll even go so far as to sign up for promotional emails to get that extra 10 percent off.

Hopefully, you can unsubscribe later.

6. You can finally breathe a sigh of relief that you’ve saved a few extra bucks…

Crisis averted.

7. ...until you realize shipping is astronomically expensive.

Not going to happen.

8. You go to crazy lengths to get free shipping. If you spend $50 more, the $15 shipping won't cost you a thing. Score!

It may not sound logical, but it has to be done.

9. Particularly impressed by your savvy shopping skills, you race to enter the credit card number you've memorized from doing this so many times.

It’s almost too easy to spend money.

10. You complete your purchase with the emphasis of victory and wait impatiently to get your confirmation email.

The waiting is the worst part.

11. Just as the high from shopping fades you learn that your package has shipped and is on its way to your waiting arms.

Best. Day. Ever.

12. But this only comforts you for a moment as you deal with the suspense of actually receiving your brand new haul.

Any day now.

13. Surprise! It’s a super mail day when the boxes of goodies arrive, and you rip into them to try everything on.

And there’s bubble wrap inside!

14. Except nothing fits the way you thought it would, and the stuff looks nothing like it did in the pictures on the website.

Your worst fear is now a reality.

15. Solemnly, you prepare to return it all, but never do.

Should you start a donation pile?

16. You shove the rejects to the back of your closet, where they'll be forgotten until after that 60-day return policy ends.


17. You know what would make you feel infinitely better? A little online shopping, of course.

You'll never learn.

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