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10 Things You Really Need to Give Up in Your 20s


Your twenties are a time to reinvent yourself—and have fun doing it. Whether you think you have your life figured out or you’ve just decided that you want to switch gears, being in your twenties is a learning period. It’s a time when collegiettes are graduating college, sending out job applications to dream companies, and decorating grown-up apartments. While being a twentysomething can be exciting, it can also be a bit confusing. As long as you cut these ten things out of your life, you’ll be in good shape!

1. Comparing yourself to others

Some of your friends may have become teachers while others decided that medical school was the best route to take. Whatever the case, try not to compare yourself to them. It’s hard to focus on yourself and your accomplishments when everyone else’s successes are so publicly displayed—especially in regards to social media. But remember that outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram usually only show one side of the story: the positive side. Don’t be hard on yourself if you haven’t landed your dream job just yet or you haven’t found a relationship with someone you think is marriage material. Your twenties are a time to try new things and learn from past mistakes, so do your best to focus on what you have accomplished.

2. Relying on your parents for everything

Now that you’re in your twenties, it’s time to start taking over your own life admin. If you don’t already, start by taking care of your own laundry, paying for your cell phone, and making your own doctor’s and dentist appointments. Your parents will definitely notice your initiative to take more responsibility and, in turn, will treat you like the (awesome) adult you are.

3. Procrastinating

It’s one thing to take a break here and there. It’s another thing entirely to sit in your pajamas, day in and day out. Procrastination leads to last-minute stress and being lazy leads to an inactive lifestyle—both of which are hard to shake once they’ve become routine! In order to avoid procrastinating, prioritize your tasks by creating a to-do list and following through. There is no better feeling than crossing things off of that list… like finally buying matching place settings so that you can properly entertain guests in your grown-up apartment.

4. Sleeping in until noon every weekend

When was the last time you woke up in the middle of the afternoon with a raging hangover? Hopefully, the answer to that is college, because when you’re a functioning adult, you just don’t have the time to sleep the day away. Even if you’re not working full-time yet, don’t make a habit of sleeping late in the morning. The more you stay in bed, the harder it is to get up and start your day. Sleep is good for you, but getting too much can have an adverse effect on your system, making you feel tired, sluggish and even depressed. Use the morning hours to exercise, plan out your day or week, read a book, or complete a project that you’ve been putting off. Get up early, make the most of your day, and we just might grant you a well-deserved afternoon nap

5. Going to your pediatrician

Between applying to colleges, graduating high school, and starting your freshman year at a new university, you probably didn’t think about switching from a pediatrician to adult primary care physician when you first left home; and chances are, that hasn’t changed much. While there is no set age for pediatricians to stop seeing patients, most child doctors recommend that you start seeing an adult physician by the time you turn 21. We know it’s hard to kiss your pediatrician’s fun (not to mention colorful) waiting room goodbye, but it’s time to switch that fire truck examining table for the real deal.  Do your research, and don’t settle on a new doctor before ensuring he or she is in network with your health insurance!

6. Binge drinking

Let’s face the facts: they may have been fun while they lasted, but those late night drinking and keg parties shouldn’t be regular occurrences in your life anymore. We’ll give you a free pass when you visit your college town with your besties to relive your glory days, but other than that, they should be avoided! Hangovers get worse as you get older because your body not only changes, but your tolerance becomes lower as well. In a time when everything goes on social media, future employers who are looking deeper into potential candidates’ lives don’t want to see how much alcohol a graduette is capable of consuming. While it’s certainly okay to drink socially and have a few cocktails with friends and co-workers, don’t overdo it and revert back to your crazy college days. We’re sure no one misses wandering around the sticky floors of a college bar or running into your ex on frat row when you’ve had one too many. If there’s ever a time to reevaluate your alcoholic consumption, it’s when you hit your twenties.

7. Being afraid of new opportunities

Trying new things can be scary, and there’s no shame in feeling that way. It’s a natural response to feel nervous and jittery, but if you do find yourself fearful every time you try something, catch yourself. Do your best to turn your feelings of fear into a positive learning experience. Whether that’s starting a brand new job or traveling to a different part of the world, be confident in yourself and everything you do. Need a boost? Stand up straight, adopt an “I can do this” attitude, and think positively about yourself. The more sure you are of what you’re doing, the more confident you’ll be when venturing into new areas.

8. Eating pizza for dinner… every night

We know you love a good pizza night every now and then (who doesn’t?!), but you should probably limit the junk food you eat late at night, and the amount of unhealthy food you eat all together. Without the convenience of a dining hall, we know how hard it can be to eat three proper meals a day, but we promise it’s doable! Start by going to the grocery store and stocking up on fresh ingredients to work with; and if you don’t have time to cook every night during the week, spend your weekends whipping up food that’ll last you an entire workweek. Bonus: Eating right is a great excuse to browse Pinterest for fun healthy recipes!

9. Putting your style on the back-burner

In college, it was totally acceptable to wear leggings as pants or slippers to the library—everybody did it. And while you’re totally free to lounge in sweats in the comfort of your own home, wearing gym clothes in public because you don’t feel like putting on real clothes isn’t something you should be doing regularly. We know the importance of being comfortable while running errands, so there’s no need to look like a runway model every time you leave the house—but you should still look polished (we recommend boyfriend jeans and espadrilles!). Oh, and putting your hair in a top-knot to hide the fact that you haven’t showered? Use only in case of emergencies.

10. Inviting that hottie from the bar back to your apartment before learning his or her name

Dating in your twenties can be a daunting task. Finding places to meet people and being open to new opportunities are great places to start, but you should probably learn more about your potential boyfriend or girlfriend than what a good kisser they are before bringing them home. Be picky with whomever you choose to pursue a relationship with because they just may be meeting your parents someday. Not looking to settle down yet? You don’t have to give up those one-night stands! Just make sure you know enough about your fling to invite him or her home (for safety’s sake!) since you don’t have college besties to vouch for that person!

Whether you’re just starting your twenties, or you’re mid-way through, remember these are the years to make the full switch to adulthood. We’ll let those hot pockets you have for lunch every day slide, but stop having your mom stick them in the microwave for you.

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