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The 21 Sexiest Chuck Bass Moments of All Time


Throwback Thursday is great for so many reasons—after all, we get to see embarrassing vintage photos of our besties on Instagram. But #TBT is also a time to stop and reflect on the great things in our lives that are now a fragment of the past. Yes, we’re talking about Gossip Girl, and what would Gossip Girl be without that dead sexy billionaire playboy-turned-softy Chuck Bass? We’re reliving Charles’ sexist moments from the series, below... while we try to maintain our composure.

1. All the times he knew just how cool he was

2. When he made you care about his well-being

3. Every time he snuggled with Blair

4. When he was jealous but your feminist self just didn’t care

5. THAT limo hookup

6. When he handsomely clenched his jaw

7. Whenever he was grumpy

8. When he spoke the language of love

9. That time he smugly realized just how adorable he is

10. When he had the guts to grow up and apologize for his actions

11. That time he leaned on Blair for support

12. When he made prom perfect for Blair even though he couldn’t be her date

13. Every time he was vulnerable

14. When he (stupidly!) sacrificed Blair to Prince Louis

15. When he said exactly what we were thinking

16. When he schooled Nate for trying to change Blair

17. This moment...

18. And this one...

19. Oh, and this, too!

20. When he settled down and married the love of his life

21. Every time he stated the obvious

Long live that Mother Chucker! What are some of your favorite Chuck Bass moments, collegiettes?

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