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13 Struggles of Being Type A


Your friends always tease you about it, and you’ve been called uptight more than once. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed neat freak or just really hate disorganization, the struggle of being Type A is real. Here are all things that Type A’s have to deal with day in and day out—in list form, naturally.

1. Your closet is organized by color, which always raises the question of where multi-colored shirts belong.

2. The kitchen and bathroom in your apartment always have to be spotless… which becomes problematic when your roommates hate chores.

3. The idea of clutter makes you cringe, so watching Hoarders is enough to give you an anxiety attack.

4. Making to-do lists calms you down, and sometimes you add something arbitrary just so you can cross it off.

5. Your planner is like your personal color-coordinated Bible. If you ever lose it, you’ll probably die.

6. You hate people who are late, so you’re perpetually early to everything.

7. Sometimes you can be terribly impatient, which makes standing in a Starbucks line downright excruciating.

8. Multi-tasking is one of your biggest strengths, which explains why you’re constantly busy.

9. All of your assignments take way longer than they should because you insist on editing them until they’re perfect.

10. Group projects are the bane of your existence. Things would go a lot quicker if you could just work by yourself.

11. Unread emails stress you out, so you’re constantly cleaning out your inbox.

12. You’re not surprised when someone calls you an “over-achiever.” You won “Most Likely to Succeed” in high school, after all. If you didn't, it's obviously because everyone else was just jealous.

13. Casual sports and games with friends can escalate, mostly because you have an intense competitive streak.

You may struggle every day, but at least Type A's know how to get stuff done.

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